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Hi there,

I am looking to take my Mum on holiday to America, she currently is home oxygen in the evenings. The Oxygen nurse she see's has given her a number of a 'guy who can help' however this appears to be 1 lone man and his answer phone as it has taken in excess of 4 months to reply to messages. This has not filled us with confidence.

Has anyone travelled to America and managed to get oxygen assistance? If so can you please give me some advice on where to go and who to speak too.

Thanks in advance :)

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Maybe her gp can help, I am also planning on going to the USA next month although I am not usually on oxygen when I went to my gp to get the go ahead to fly, he said I would probably need to take oxygen with me on the flight and he was going to sort it for me.

Hopefully your mothers gp will also be able to help??? Good luck!

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Thanks Berth, really appreciate your help. I will call her GP and see what she can do :) Have a great trip xx


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