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I'm very excited. After a brief trial with clenil, which didn't agree with me,my GP started me on Symbicort. Started it about ten days ago.

I haven't had to use ventolin for a week now. Went out to my local town this afternoon, which is very hilly, and managed to walk from bottom to top in one go and was able to breath and chat to my husband at the same time. I don't remember the last time I was able to do this. It feels like a major breakthrough, and just feels lovely being able to walk without coughing and wheezing and struggling. Just hope it's not a fluke.

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Symbicort can take around 3-6 months to kick in so don't be downhearten if you do have a few blips and I'm sure as others will tell you it does have slightly bad side effects but not everyone gets them. I've been on symbicort for 6 years now.

Hope things stay good

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Good for you! I know it's weather dependent, but walking, whenever you can, is the best exercise for getting your lungs back into shape. It doesn't stress you like the gym. You might even break into a little jog if you are feeling really happy!


Asthma has stayed good. It's lovely being able to do things. Just hope it lasts.

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