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Mucus in the Lungs


I've told my Asthma Nurse I have a lot of mucus stuck in my chest which stops me from laughing out loud and do exercise, even doing the stairs it's hard but she just told me to increase the preventer Seretide to two puffs a day. Why doesn't she send me to the Physio to learn breathing techniques? the preventer just put the mucus at rests but it doesn't help to take mucus out of my chest. What can I do to convince her to refer me to a Respiratory Physiotherapist?

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Hi Laburito

Ask., they don't like spending money you know they use meds first and the rest for the desperate cases., actually the seretide and oral steroids will help you to dry out that mucus but it takes a while depends on how long you've been like that really.

Sure you don't have a chest infection? Had an x-ray? Ask for that too. I use 2 of my blue then 2 seretide it works better and with the aerochamber..

Google breathing cycle or huffing that might bring up the exercises a physio would give you. When I saw a physio she simply talked me through a leaflet on the exercises.

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Did she? That was mine taught me through until I got it..although as I said I feel I need extra practice,

it's breathing and out 5 times and huff until result and do that 3 to 5 times morning lunchtime and before bedtime but here I was at 4 am practising again 😃. And now I'm trying the lying down propped up bringing knees up on my chest and huff, that's more effective I think but is a back killer..

Good luck with the referral. You can do the exercises yourself - look at

[PDF]The Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques - ACPRC which I got from just Googling "breathing exercises huffing"

Or you might try Benylin Mucous Cough syrups with the exercises. I'm not sure the cough syrup is enough on its own.

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