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Thanks for the support


Hi being new to asthma ( Dec 15 age 51) it was a shock although I've had years of chest infections coughs,colds but just put it down to the winter blues and pollen. It's only when after a bad few weeks and sleepness nights coughing wheezing and a new gp I was told I have asthma. The last 6 or so weeks have been hard but I'm on. New inhaler so fingers crossed. I'm a person who hates going to the Drs and when I go only tell half wants wrong ( I think I can heal myself) I guess I think I'm being a pain. Now I've realised I'm not a pain and I need to see the dr if my asthma symptoms are getting worse at the earliest point . Thanks again for the support

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Hi Lyngal, I'm 64 and was diagnosed with asthma at asthma so they said..often comes to women at the time of menopause.

Yes it's hard I agree but keep on going to see the GP and ask to be referred to the Local Respiratory clinic. It made a big difference to me. They are more sympathetic and expert I think, they give you good tips. Also Asthma UK helpline has been great in my time of doubts.

I wish you better days.

Hi, I'm 51 and have had asthma a couple of years now. Winter is the worst time for me. Had pneumonia last October. I'm on this site a lot to read and have had lots of helpful support and answers when I ask. All the best. X Sue

You're a mere child when you were diagnosed :-) I got lumbered with the dang thing at 74 :-) :-) :-) :-)

Hi Lyngal. You sound a lot like me as I was just diagnosed with asthma at the age of 51 in October last year following several years of repeated chest infections. I was advised by my GP to see the asthma nurse at my surgery following a really bad chest infection over Christmas and new year. I initially didn't want to go as- like you- I felt I was being a nuisance & my condition might improve with the inhaler I was on, but I am so glad I went as she has been very helpful trying to get me on the correct inhalers as I'm still short of breath; coughing and wheezing etc. Take care of yourself and trust they get your treatment plan sorted :-)

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