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Hi all hope you are all well as you can be in this cold weather..been really struggling for a bit but now been given seretide 250 accuhaler. So hopefully things will start to get better soon. What I want to know is that this type of inhaler is new to me 😳 I've followed instructions and think I've done it right but with the other inhaler I've used I can feel the dose with this I can't , although the dial says a dose has been released . Thanks

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  • I'm trying to recall what happens when I use my accuhaler (I've used one for so many years now that I don't really take much notice of how it feels, so long as it does the job - which it seems to do). My back of my mouth usually feels a little drier, but I certainly don't think I feel anything going into my lungs - although obviously it does, I'd know about it within about six hours if it didn't at this time of year.

  • I use this inhaler with a spacer. I can taste it a little but its much nicer than clentil that tasted horrible. It works beautifully for me even with the cold weather. No symptoms for (expect for one breathlessness and one tight chest) for over 4 Wks. I hope and pray it works just as well for you.

  • I'm intrigued - how do you use an accuhaler with a spacer? You cannot puff the medication into a spacer device; it's the indrawn breath on the mouthpiece of the device that delivers it to the lungs.

    Ah - hang on, I get it. You use seretide 250, but delivered via an evohaler, which might well require the use of a spacer device, as opposed to the accuhaler, which doesn't.

  • Sorry got mixed up i have a combination inhaler not the other

  • If it's the accuhaler that is circular and flat with a thumb operated switch on the side, it may well be that if you're using it correctly you won't feel it. Unlike the aerosol ones that require tricky co-ordination, this device relies on you sucking the dose up pretty much guaranteeing you get the dose delivered with the breath into the lungs. With other devices any slight miscoordination the dose hits your tongue not your airway.

    Clear as mud?

  • And they are so much easier to use than the aerosol with evohalers, and so much easier to transport if you are travelling.

  • hiinhale it I use the seretide acuhaler and you don't feel any thing except a little pressure when you breathe it in. If you inhale it when its empty you will now the difference

  • Hi Lyngal

    I know just what you mean as its hard to feel it, as long as you actuate it ok it will be fine

    normally you can taste it!

    Just one word of advice (if you haven't had it already) always take it around 7pm as it has a better effect on the Asthma overnight and ready for the morning

    I am on the 500 dose and have been for many years and if ever I miss a dose or run out I can really feel it

    Good Luck !


  • What sort of inhaler you have previously had? spray inhalers are felt better in the mouth than Seretide.

    u should not worry Seretide is good!

  • Yes I asked for the evohaler much better they have a generic out so GP shouldn't refuse

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