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Never ending story

Evening everyone ....... Not been to good this last week or so very SOB and coughing lots.... Seems like I'm on a roller coaster. Only thing that seems to get me anywhere near stable is high dosages of pred 40mg. I'm on 20 mg daily maintanance have been for a year or so........ I dread to think how I'd be if I came off completely !??

O2 at low 90s and peak flow only 200 ish !!!!

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Same here a bad spell of it..trying the home nebuliser now on top of the inhalers and the pred see if that helps me to shift it..


Know how you feel, trying to shift a chest infection for the last three weeks, on third set of antibiotics on top of all my asthma meds and still struggling!

Feel better quick!


Me three! Seem there are quite a few of us having a tough time lately. We have just tried to reduce my pred down from 40mg but without much success and now back on antibiotics for 4th this year on top of all my meds for asthma!

Hope everyone feels better soon!


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