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Coughing after taking Clenil

So, I'm on Clenil for my preventer inhaler but every single time I take a dose of it I immediately cough, am I taking in the medication properly still? I generally use a spacer so am I just coughing it back into the spacer to then breath back in or and I completely screwing it up and should see the asthma nurse about it? I barely suffer with my asthma anyway and rarely need to take preventer inhalers (I only have to take them if I have symptoms) so is it worth it?

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Rehi, Ive just had my fostair changed and I'm now on clenil. It makes me cough too, but I have a cold and cough so I'm not sure if it's just the clenil making me cough. But every time I take it I cough!


I had the same problem. My asthma nurse changed my preventer to Fostair & that was fine due to a smaller pparticulat in the Fostair. I would speak to your asthma nurse even if you only need to use it occasionally, won't do you any good coughed back into the spacer. Good luck.


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