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Lots of medication


Hi I'm on 6 different medications for my brittle asthma but are still getting monthly attack which I spend a wk in hospital is any one else on the same situation my medication are : montelukast, cetirizine, titropium inhaler, salbutamol inhaler, deo resp inhaler, uniphyllin tablets oh and salbutamol, iprotomun and saline nebules when needed and frequently on steroid because of exacerbation of my asthma also on medication for type two diabetes tablets and insulin

I fell like in rattling with all these medication

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Yep, I am on the same except I am on Budesinide nebs whereas you are on iprotomun. What is causing your attacks that need hospitalising for? How often are you being admitted? How many ceterizine and Montelukast are you on? I am on 2 tablets ceterizine and 2 of Montelukast. It is usually virus infections during winter, then allergies March to August that cause me to get a tight chest. My peak flow is 180. On a good day it can get to 200. I have had it all my life and I am in my 50s. I have just been asked if I would like to take part in medical trials for a new drug. Best wishes Fran

Not diabetic luckily.

Nooch in reply to WheezyAnne

What causing my attacks well cold weather, chest infection, stress, dust, fume going to petrol stations among a load of other cetrizine 10mg daily montelukast 10mg daily last year I had 27 admission all lasting 1 week this year hav already been in twice

I'm also having tough time seems to be a bad year. Struggling since October, after getting a chest infection, down hill.

Admission into hospital for 2 weeks, some meds changed and dose increased.

I'm also on ventolin and seritide inhalers, omeprazole,Carbocisteine, montelukast, certirizine, impratropium and ventolin, nebuls. Becloometasone Basel spray, along with prednisolone 40mg which I am starting to ween off.

I feel I'm on a roller coaster, as weened of before and everything gets so much worse, breathing uncontrollable. But not so stable with this time. Had an emergency appt with specialist consultant at hospital this week, and we are weening of steroids, and trying a new med Zithromax not sure if you've heard of this one. Seems tobe a Respitorory drug, I'm going to start for 3 days Monday Tuesday and Wednesday for 4 weeks appears to be strong and I sincerely hope it has some magic in it, cos life at present is shite.

I feel like I'm on a constant cocktail and not nice.

Iv not worked for almost 12 weeks and it's getting me really down. As I'm a nursery nurse in school and missing all my little people. Specialist says it's because of the many infections Iv seem to had past year not totally cleared along with the environment.

Anyone k now how good Zithromax is????

Nooch in reply to Jokir152

Zirthromax is an antibiotic never had it my self but let us all now how u get on with it carbositine is that any good I've got a friend who uses it what do u think

Carbositine is good this med has been increased 2 X 375mg X 3 a day

Will be starting Zithromax Monday as suggested so will update you next week, just hope there's some magic in it for me. Xx as not in a good place at moment. Xx

Nooch in reply to Jokir152

Ok that great

Carbocisteine is really good. It is used to help move the mucus off your chest. The starting dose is normally 2 three times a day, then 1 three times a day, then stop if you don't have a problem getting the green mucus off your chest. I don't take it all the time, start when I feel that I am getting an infection. Has the Consultant considered increasing your antihistamine? I know ceterizine is one a day, but on advice from Consultant, mine was increased to two a day. I have been lucky so far this year, caught the last infection before it got chance, started my emergency pack, and it worked. Last year I spent most of Jasn and Feb in hospital, but since then I have been under the community Respiratory Team, as the Asthma has permanent!y damaged my lungs so I am classed as having COPD.

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