Hi. I'm 52, and been asthmatic all my life. Got really bad after a persistent chest infection about seven years ago. Came close to having to give up work. Then my fab doctor prescribed Singulair which was life changing and stopped the hacking cough I'd had for five years. Still quite wheezy, and short of breath, but I could work. About a year ago was changed from Seretide to Flutiform, and that was the final piece in the jigsaw. From the first time I used it, all the tightness in my chest disappeared. No longer feel asthmatic to be honest. So now I take Singulair (not the generic, which actually triggers my asthma, and my GP has agreed that); Flutiform; Ventolin (rarely needed now) and Fexafenadine anti histamine. (I'm allergic to loads). With all that lot inside me, I'm good! Liz

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  • Hi Liz, that's good to hear. I have the cough and drives everyone mad, including me! I'm waiting for my appointment with the respiratory specialist coming through.

    Asthma can be controlled and you're a testament to that!

  • Hi Liz,

    I'm so pleased that you've got your asthma under control.

  • Hi Lj63

    Sounds like this Flutiform is a much better alternative to Seretide. I have been on Seretide 125 and now 250 with Ventolin and Spyriva for several years. I am really interested in Flutiform so could you tell me anything about it? Anything to make life a bit easier!!

  • Not sure I know enough about it to tell you much. It is one of those combination ones, like Symbicort and Seretide. Long acting bronchodilator and something else, presumably a steroid of some sort! I guess Google would throw up some medical papers. I know some on here have said that it doesn't work for them, but we're all different so I guess it's a case of trying things and seeing what helps!

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