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Virus asthma and fed up

Hi there

I'm getting increasingly frustrated. My asthma consultant has said I have GORD, verified by scan I had for clot on the lung six months ago. She thinks I don't have asthma. Yet yesterday had an attack, wheezing coughing short of breath. Had to ring 999, who were great. After 10 puffs of ventolin over one hour it settled. Long story short I got appointment with duty GP who has now added clenil 100 to my asthma meds. Seretide 8 puffs daily, Montelukast and ventolin. It is helping. My breathing responds to vent so how can it not be asthma. I'm so bewildered by it all. Feeling rubbish,exhausted. Seeing my own GP I orris, he saw waiting in waiting room yesterday and had a chat. My con has booked me to have a barium meal on Monday and is talking about surgery. I don't want an op want them to sort my asthma. Has anyone else encountered similar. Thanks for listening

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Hello Dizzy412,

sometimes I think that the way health professionals talk about GORD and asthma can be a little confusing. As far as I am aware GORD actually causes some forms of asthma, and on some occasions the other way round (bizarrely). I imagine that you have been told something like "You have GORD not asthma", but this is not correct, GORD does cause asthma. Unfortunately if your GORD is truly bad enough that medication doesn't help, then surgery is one option.

I notice you didn't mention any med's for your GORD, has your GP ever put you on Lansoprazole to control your stomach acid? If you haven't had any of this sort of medication, then it should be something to discuss with the GP/Asthma Nurse. I take Lansoprazole (but only sporadically when my acid really flares up and annoys my asthma), and it really helps a lot.

All the best,



Thanks for reply. I take Omeprazole, so I only very rarely get a problem with the stomach now. I have had times previously when it's been very uncomfortable. Will try and talk it all through with my doc this afternoon

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I to suffer with GORD and also night time Asthma. After reading up a bit I decided to try managing without using my Salbutamol. My GORD has improved a great deal.

Salbutamol can relax the sphincter muscle that stops reflux from the stomach.

Acid and stomach contents can leak into the lungs and cause an asthma attack. Use salbutamol and it makes the GORD worse, a vicious circle.

I now need something as a reliever that won't cause GORD. Not found anything yet.



Hi Geoff. I'm new to this forum and just read your post. I take Ranitidine for stomach acid and Brycanyl for reliever. I changed from salbutamol because it didn't seem to work for more that 15 mins, then asthma escalated, while I took more and more salbutamol. GP questioned whether sal actually working but didn't suggest alternative. I researched and eventually suspected sensitivity to salicylates - starting point was my sensitivity to ibuprofen. Found salbutamol contains some salicylates. GP then came up with Brycanyl as reliever, which works well for me. To cut this long story short, I realise since reading your post that my acid reflux probs much better on Brycanyl. Have you tried Brycanyl yet?


There are things you can do to help with GORD. If you know these already, apologies in advance. 1). Raise the head of your bed by around six inches; this will help gravity to ensure that any food or drink lingering in your stomach when you go to bed stays there. Don't use pillows to prop you up, you'll slip off them during the night. 2). Leave at least three hours after finishing your evening meal before you go to bed - again to give your stomach a chance to empty. 3). Try not to eat big meals; it's better to eat more small meals a day than three large ones. 4). Try not to bend over, double up, slouch, for at least an hour after you have eaten. Doing so will squeeze the contents of your stomach up towards the sphincter muscle at the top of your stomach possibly resulting in reflux. 5). Certain foods are known to trigger reflux: anything with caffeine (including chocolate - sorry), spicy foods, fatty foods, citrus fruits, mint, onions and tomatoes are often the main culprits.

I first started getting problems from reflux and heartburn when I was pregnant with my first child but since then, apart from during pregnancy, I didn't have too many issues until nearly eight years ago. I was aware that certain foods made me feel uncomfortable or always caused heartburn (some spicy foods and some cold roast meats), but it wasn't until I started to get real problems and began to lose weight (and believe me, I really don't need to lose weight) that it was identified that I sometimes got gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying). We also know now what is likely to be the main cause for the problems and, for once, it isn't asthma related:-)


Saw my own GP this afternoon. He said exactly what I think, yes I have asthma, yes I have a hiatus hernia and GORD. Omeprazole sorted out the stomach side of things and the asthma is better than it was..he has now added simbicort 200 two puffs twice a day. He will review again in two weeks. im feeling better than I was on Monday, so headed in the right direction. Using ventolin four times a day for the time being as a safeguard. He also said the fact that my breathing is improving since a couple of days ago, is indicative of it being asthma. I think unfortunately they are all chasing red herrings, because of the pulmonary embolism. I feel listened too now, thanks everyone here. Dizzy


Ithink the breathing is improving a bit. long as I don't do too much. So hopefully getting there. Have a good Friday everyone

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Athsma much better. Haven't had to use ventolin for several days, despite having a cold. I just hope it's not a flash in the pan.


Finally had my barium meal test this morning. They confirmed that the hernia although small, ten percent of stomach is in oesphagus, it will cause me to cough and definitely irritate everything. So will wait to see what my consultant says next month.


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