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Help/Advice Re Nocturnal Asthma


I totally lost at the moment and would love to run this by asthma sufferers.

Ive been going round in circles for 2 years now, with a terrible night time cough and wheeze, it normally starts between 8pm and 1am and last around 2 hours or until i can bring up clear mucus then I feel better. (During these episodes my PF reading goes from 400 ish to 250 ish)

I didn't think this could be asthma as I do not suffer at all in the day and am not affected by exercise or the cold.

During this time I have seen an ENT consultant, had 2 chest x rays, have tried PPI's and nasal sprays and have changed all my bedding.

The cough was eventually put down to another condition I suffer from, Eosinophilic esophagitis and my gastroenterologist advised me to cut out wheat and dairy. I did this and it improved the cough by 80%, so for the last 8 months I have been on a restricted diet but Ive been happy as Ive been able to keep control of my cough and thought I knew what I was dealing with.

However 3 months ago the cough returned, its every night and worse than ever. I returned to my doctor and he suggested that it could be asthma after all, although I don't have the typical symptoms. I was prescribed Ventolin and when my cough started last night I tried it and with in a few minutes the cough was gone.

So I just really wanted to ask if anyone only suffers at night with no other symptoms in the day, does it sound like asthma to anyone or do I need to keep looking for another cause? Thank you.

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I have a diagnosis of eosinophilic asthma, which presents atypically but worst feature is nocturnal breathlessness (which I am suffering big time from at the mo). It has landed me in trouble before with extended itu admission with a few other admissions, tendency to chest infections etc. i am being monitored for Churg Strauss syndrome which is a collection of symptoms implicated by raised eosinophils. This can affect any organ/system so as you have oesophagitis it might be worth asking.

Glad the ventolins working!


Hi I have asthma along with copd. I do get the coughing and wheezing during the day but night time is by far the worst. A good tip if you are coughing a lot is to use another pillow or 2 as lying down flat causes more mucus to congegrate in the lungs. I hope you get it sorted. x


It's fairly common for athsma to be worse at night.

Some people only get night time symptoms. I hope it continues to respond to the ventolin. That sounds very encouraging


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