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Asthma and GORD (GERD)

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I have GORD ( Gastric Reflux), mainly at night. I get asthma mainly at night. I know about acid droplets irritating the lungs etc., but I noticed another connection about a week ago.

I have been sticking with my 3 x 200 mg Clenil Modulate and Salbutamol as needed. I noticed that after Salbutamol my GORD got a lot worse. After a search I found that Salbutamol relaxes the airway as it is supposed to, BUT it also relaxes the sphincter muscle that stops acid reflux. So I stopped using the salbutamol and just used the Clenil Modulate.

My GORD has not magically gone away, but it is sure a whole lot better.

Now I am looking for a suitable alternative to salbutamol, I have tried Fostair, but it made me ill ( feeling sick and headache). Then I tried a green one ( Formoterol?), but it has the same effect on my GORD.

Is there a bronchodilator that will not affect my GORD?

Sorry it's so long.


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Hi Weston sorry but cannot advise you on your drugs but I have g.o.r.d, the head of my bed is raised by 7 inches, not with pillows as this can stress your neck. I eat nothing after 6,,. I have cut out all citrus, tomatoes, pineapple, onions and spicy foods., best not to bend after a meal.I have also found it best to avoid wheat. Finally the doc prescribed me gaviscon to take last thing at night.

If I follow this regime I seem pretty much OK.,hope my experiences might be a help to you, good luck

The thing you need to remember about ventolin (salbutamol) is that it is a fast acting reliever. Most (if not all - but other people on this list may know otherwise and correct me on this) of the relievers used in combination inhalers are long acting bronchodilators. In other words, if you have an acute asthma attack, you need to use your fast acting salbutamol; longer acting bronchodilators (salmeterol, for example) will not act quickly enough to bring it under control. The example you give, Fostair, is a combination of Beclometasone - a steroid preventer medication, and formoterol - a long acting bronchodilator. Even if you change your preventer inhaler (clenil) you will still need a reliever inhaler, just in case you experience an attack.

I suffer from reflux issues myself, but as yet have not had any cause to associate ventolin with it. This may be because I rarely need to take it (although I have needed to infrequently over the past month as a result of an infection). Your best bet is to make an appointment to see your doctor in order to discuss the problem.

Hi, I find reflux makes my asthma worse and using salbutamol makes the reflux worse, but I don't think there's much choice about the salbutamol. I try to keep on top of the reflux. I take omeprazole and have started taking it at night which seems to be helping my night time asthma.

I also take symbicort 400 and montlukast to try to keep on top of the asthma. I use my salbutamol when I have to (usually several times a day)

I am hoping that as my asthma comes under control the reflux will improve too.

Hope that you find something that helps

I also take Omeprazole at night, Peptac (like Gaviscon but less than half the price) and have a raised bed. I avoid chocolate, tea, coffee, tomatoes, citrus, spicy or fatty food and so on. Since stopping Salbutamol my GORD symptoms have improved a lot. So I am trying to find an alternative. I will have to see the doc and see what he says.

My asthma nurse only wants me to use the Salbutamol maybe three times a week. I have, until now, used it at least twice a night. When I get an "attack" I know I will have to use it, hence my search for an alternative.

Thanks for your input people, I can see clearly now.... there's a song in there somewhere.


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MaggieHP in reply to weston2

I don't know how practical this would be for you (and you may already do this anyway) but when I have reflux flare ups - usually as a follow on from my stomach going on a go slow with digestion - I try to have my most substantial meal at mid day and then have something really light to eat in the evening; I also ensure that I start it no later than 6.30pm. As a general rule I usually allow three and a half to four hours before I go to bed after eating in the evening.

Hi...... Maybe a chat with your GP ask him or her to put you on Lansoprazole or similar. I suffered with acid reflux at night for years !! Been on Lansoprazole for 12 months and it's like a miracle !! Haven't suffered with gerd since !

Hi Weston I know this post is old but how did you get on with your search for a reliever that did not upset your gerd?

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