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Should I go back to the hospital?

Hi guys

I've had a Cold for a few days and yesterday started getting a cough which then kept me up all night. This morning my reliever wouldn't stop the wheezing but it helped ease the tightness. I then started getting chills and joint pain so I went to the out of hours where I was given ventolin nebulizers which again didn't stop my wheezing and I was given a chest xray which showed I have some fluid on my lungs, I was prescribed antibiotics and 30mg or prednisolone a day. Since coming home and taking my meds I feel like I can't catch my breath and the wheeze is making my chest tight again and the reliever is doing nothing, I'm starting to get scared this is the worst my asthmas been in years and I haven't had an attack since September last year and that was mild. Before that it'd been at least 10 years since I've had an attack. Should I go back to the hospital? also my oxygen levels are 97/98 so I dontt get it really

Sorry for the long winded post I'm just scared

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Hi I'm only new to asthma as only just been told I have it but if you are worried I would say yes go and get checked out. Far better to be safe than sorry. Hope you feel better soon

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Go get checked out. If you feel like this you should go get checked out you shouldn't suffer. Your doing everything you can and following medication instructions. Go get checked hollyb x hugs x


Have they said what they think is causing the fluid on your lungs?

Also are you taking anything regularly other than ventolin?


Hi hollyb, yes you should go back to hospital or your doc if they're open. I've had a cough and cold and it's made my asthma so much worse, as it does. The doc and asthma nurse changed my fostair to clenil, which is supposed to be a stronger dose, while I'm waiting to see respiratory specialist. but if you're wheezing I'm sure they can do something. If not happy with them go to a&e.


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