Rant (again!)

This is the only place where I feel that I can rant without having people take offence so apologies in advance!

Last week a colleague wore a new perfume to work and then complained because it made her feel ill. I mentioned that my lungs didn't like it much either. On Wednesday she wore it again and I ended up in a meeting with her. Within 5 minutes I was in so much trouble I didn't know what to deal with first. I hit the ventolin which eased the tightness but did nothing for the gallons of mucus that were pouring out of my lungs, nose and even my eyes (too gross, sorry). I stood outside for about 23 minutes in a temperature of -4 to try to clear the perfume out of my lungs, wheezing and coughing like a champion, and succeeded in getting to the point where things weren't getting worse. My boss was great and kept asking if I wanted to go him but I couldn't speak so I felt safer where someone could get me an ambulance if necessary. Anyway eventually I felt safe and went home. Came into work yesterday and the same colleague came in wearing the same perfume. I went home. I've come in to work again this morning and here she is, wearing the same perfume yet again. My lungs are all over the place again. WAHT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? If I had a peanut allergy they'd all be running around all over the place making sure that there were no peanuts in the office that might kill me but as long as it's only asthma that finishes me off it's ok. (screams in fury and stamps feet, then goes to have a little lie down until breathing gets back to normal).

Thanks for listening. I feel better now!

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  • Your story reminds me of the days when smoking was allowed in offices. I was working at a place where a couple of people smoked & I kept asking repeatedly for them not to around me. One day, when I said something, one of them took a deep draw, turned to me & blew all the smoke straight in my face, to hysterical laughter from everyone else.

    You can probably tell it still winds me up 25 years later!!

    People really just don't understand what some of us have to go through with certain triggers.

  • I totally get that one!

    I've just mentioned to one of my colleagues that it would help me no end if people didn't wear perfume to work and she blatantly said that there was no way she'd do that. The astonishing thing is that she was so worried about me on Wednesday.

    I really don't understand people.

  • I don't know what sort of environment yu work in, but if you can get a letter from your GP or nurse confirming that it's a trigger, then they don't have much choice other than to address it.

  • Hasn't your boss talked to her about the perfume? Seems incredible at she would continue using it.

  • Thank you both for the input. I have had a chat with my boss today and it remains to be seen if anything comes of it.

  • Good luck. I hope they get a bit more sensitive. Surely your boss wants you healthy and at work!

  • Nothing much is going to happen unless you push it i have the same problem with my husband when he puts on his aftershave he's fumigation the home and I felt like I was on i sinking ship but I got him to move from the bedroom to the bathroom where the extracta fan is and if needed the back door my husband has seen me on the nebuliser over his aftershave but he won't stop it he wants to small nice when he goes to work and it's a equil rights now so he has a right to wear it along as I stay away from where he was until the oder is safe for me same for you sorry keep a safe distance from the lady who is doing it she has a right to small nice.

  • After reading all of the above... I'm so glad I live alone. Thank you all for your comments. They give a real reason why others SHOULD care.

  • What a thoughtless self-centred bitch! You are perfectly entitled to rant. Your boss sounds decent, could you ask him to have a word with her?

  • It's too common in today's world how Meny of you who posted on here have more problems than just asthma? Have you gone to town for a coffee and found thay don't help you the disabled seats are all taken by non disabled people I have multiple disability and I seen this happen being a b** is the new normal

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