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Found a Doctor in France - Update


Just a update on my other posts.

I went to a French Doctor yesterday and she was Brilliant. Very understanding and spoke good English.

She wants me to have a feasting blood test I can walk in anytime to have this done and for me to got to the Local Hospital in Bourges for an Thyroid examination etc. I don't know what that involves but the service was excellent from her.

I was in there for over 3/4 hour and was charged 23 Euro's and worth every penny.

Plus, to top it I had lost over 2 stone being on this Thyroid Medication since End of August last year! Result! The only thing is my eyebrows haven't grown back yet..........Thank god for "wunderbrows!" and my hair is still thin in the front!

Ness xx

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I'm pleased your appointment went very well


Thank you........I haven't got a clue what tests I am having at the Hospital.

But she was brilliant she talked about m Asthma, pain medication I am on - etc and If I wanted any other medication. I never got that when I was in the UK. I had to ask for it. x


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