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Hi everyone,

I have just ordered an emergency pack of Prednisolone, however it has been rejected.

Since October I've had two 40mg five day courses.

I just caught a cold and it nearly always triggers an asthma attack where my reliever doesn't help.

I think my doctor is worried my body is becoming dependent on prednisolone. Is two courses considered a lot since October?

I think they are considering brittle asthma and have to see an asthma consultant in March. In the meantime, I don't have any prednisolone or any alternative medication if I have an asthma attack where my reliever won't help.

I have recently discovered I'm anaemic, could this be why it has been rejected?


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Oh no sorry to hear u been rejected I've don't understand y I couldn't survive without mine I have mine everyday seems wrong I would go back to the docs and ask y u they will not give u then I have a supply in all time good luck


I'd make an appointment with GP and get the issue sorted; or ring the practice manager. Sometimes prescription issues are relating to admin errors of which your GP may not be aware.

I was diagnosed Brittle last year; had Pred in Feb, October, December and on another rescue course!

Colds are my worst trigger too; can't wait for the summer!


I had bad asthma attack a couple of weeks ago and when I spoke to the doctor he was very reluctant to prescribe steroids as he is worried as I get worse I will be on them all the time. That could be why your doctor did not want to give them

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What is brittle Asthma?


It sounds as though you put in a repeat request -- that might have been agreed, but in my experience GPs always want to see you even if you've started taking some you had just in case, to assess your condition.

It's a bit unusual I think to have given you two short courses in a row and not seen you in person, if that's what happened.

If you need the medication they should give you an emergency same-day appointment to assess things and prescribe in person.


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