Asthma flare up due to cold weather

Hi all

I am a severe brittle asthmatic but take xolair which has worked brilliant as I have managed to come off steroids for good.

My asthma is normally stable and aside from a chest infection nothing triggers me.

Since the cold weather this week. I am struggling. I have shortness of breath, chest tightness, need to be sitting upright. I haven't gone out aside from GP's and Tesco's and was well wrapped up on both occasions. Have been indoors but am really struggling. I can't speak to my medical so team till tomorrow but need some advise/reassurance/tips. Anything thank you


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  • Wow I can't offer advice but hope you feel better.

    When you say come off steroids for good, do you mean you no longer have a steroid inhaler at all? Is there any chance that would help? Sorry if that question is a downer when you're happy to have stopped using them.

  • Assume you will dial 111 if concerned?

  • I am trying to hold off till tomorrow morning when I can contact my asthma team.

  • Don't hate me -- I don't want to undermine you -- but if you feel you're really struggling it might be best to find medical help today.

  • I still have a steroid inhaler which I have increased to two puffs twice a day. I meant I am off oral steroids as was on 40mg daily for 15 months.

  • Oh you must be so happy to be off the oral steroids! Well done.

    My new surgery act like steroid inhalers are super dangerous (but don't mind me needing prednisone tablets) so I've started thinking of the inhalers as 'steroids' even though they are tiny doses and go straight to the lungs.

    I did think that sounded a bit mad to be off the steroid inhalers when you have severe brittle asthma! Was wondering what a miracle xolair could be.

    I guess steroid inhaler doesn't help quickly enough... I hope you feel better soon.

  • Yep, the side effects were too much for me.

    Steroid inhalers are good. I prefer them over oral steroids.

    Yeah xolair is my miracle drug. It has turned my life around.

    Taken reliever as well but not helping as quick as expected.

    Thanks netochka


  • That's brilliant (the bigger turnaround). I hope xolair keeps you off the tablets for good! Sorry you're feeling rubbish and hope that changes soon. xx

  • Thank you. I hope so but I know if it gets worse then will call 111 and take it from there x

  • I hope you start to feel better soon, if you don't please seek medical help today.

    Well done for coming off oral steroids.

    Take care

  • Thank you.

    Oh I definitely will do if I need to.

  • I'm fascinated that you're on Xolair for brittle asthma! I thought brittle asthma wasn't an allergic condition, but I'm obviously wrong.

    Hopefully you're getting to see your medical team this morning and you'll be feeling better soon. Sounds like a short burst of steroids might be in order :(

  • I am a severe brittle asthmatic with allergies and have been for years now. Asthma is so different in each individual it's quite surprising. I'm seeing the consultant on Wednesday morning so increasing Ventolin usage till then and double reliever till then. But if needs be then will go straight to A&E.

    Not so sure of pred as it never seems to work. Asthma nurse feels the same now.

  • Wow, well done that youve managed to get off your oral steroid's, hope your feeling a bit better now.

    I'm a brittle asthmatic too and im on xolair - I just wondered how long you were on it before you came off your steroid's. I've been on steriods for 18 months now but can't get right off them yet , get down to about 20mg then get too poorly to drop any more - consultant again in Feb, struggling this winter so far. I'm five months into stating xolair.

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