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Support Group for Children - Worthing


please take a moment to read my article via the link below, it is about a support group I am starting for children with Asthma in the Worthing area.

please oi message or email me if anyone would like to become part if the group with their child.



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I'm a very long way from Worthing and a very long time from bring up asthmatic children, but that's a great idea. I hope it's a success & catches on elsewhere. What I find on here is that there's also a wealth of experience from people who had it themselves as children &/or brought up asthmatic children so I hope that you can draw on all the good & bad experiences that you can to help parents.

I have been lucky enough to see my son go from a very seiously ill toddler to a 6-foot tall, footballing & living life to the full 20-something so the message that asthma can be tackled is really important.

Well done & good luck :)


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