Hi everyone hope u all had a good day me not been feeling to good again in afraid coughing all the time and chest tight again due to the operation nearly ended up in a&e last night for it on nebs etc trying to get through it getting fed up with it all now getting me down abit just dosnt seem to b no end in sight and with everything else going on at home not good doc has put me on antidepressants now to help me and to help sleep sorry to rant just so fed up and low with it going to bed now see if I can sleep sleek tomorrow sleep tight

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  • You take care you know were I am xxx

  • Hi thank u very kind of u with the asthma and the fibro my body is taking a lot of pain at the moment but thank u nice to know someone out there X

  • Sorry to hear that you are still going through it . Hope the new meds work for you. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra help. Take care.

  • Oh Tracey, I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit down, you've had and having so much to put up with at the moment.

    You and your family are in my prayers.

    God Bless you.

  • I am not surprised at all that you are feeling sorry for yourself after all what you have been through. You are very brave and not many of us would have coped with it all - I know I wouldn't. Please don't hesitate to go to A & E if you feel you need to just for reassurance if nothing else. Have you got parents or close friends that can pop in for support? Take lots of care and we are all here for you xxx

  • Hi thanks no mum and dad both dead now have been for many years ago I got lots of good friends who help me out don't have to ask twic there great and I got so family about my uncle said he's coming over today to c me and the kids I manège to get by some how I don't know how Xmas was upsetting I struggle every year as lots both my parents in the November but got to keep smiling for the kids sake I call them kids 17-23-26 lol always b my kids they tell me off when I say that of call them my babies lol well thank u do ur kind words have a good day X

  • Hi Tracey1972

    I am sorry to hear your still poorly. I have just prayed for you that your asthma will improve. Its great to hear you have good support from friends and extended family. Dont apologise for ranting it is not weak to admit you're struggling infact it is a sign of strength. I hope and pray the antidepressent help you. Keep posting I am here for you praying for you. You are on my heart daily.

  • Glad you have plenty of support. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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