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Asthma support group??

Hi all,

I have had asthma for the past eight years now, up until May of last year I hardly knew I had it , but in May I suffered a really bad attack and I landed up in itu and then spent most of the next five weeks in hospital . Since then things have been up and down with a couple more stays in hospital and another visit to itu. Now I am told I have brittle asthma.

Trying to get my head round all this has been pretty hard , I am a working mum and usually very energetic but now finding it difficult to just keep up with normal everyday life.

Someone suggested I look you guys up and I'm so glad I did, I can see how I'm not alone in all this and the advice and support you give each other is wonderful!

I am looking forward to being part of this forum but was wondering if there is a support group out there where people meet together? (Somewhere in London)

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Hi not sure on support groups but this forum and everybody here really helps you. The support here is great. Everyone gives their opinion and advice and for me personally has really helped me understand asthma more. X hugs x


I'm afraid I'm nowhere near London but you could always try looking up BLF 'breathe easy' groups. I'm sure there will be several around there. They aren't aasthma specific, but possibly the closest there is.

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I'm so sorry this is happening to you, I am in a very similar position last year I was told I have brittle asthma. I am also a very busy working mum and I feel like I've been stopped in my tracks.

I havent found many support groups etc but the people here are all very kind and supportive.

All the best

:-) Callie

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