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doc wants me to be referred to respiratary clinic i have been patient and waited so phoned docs today. been waiting a month for referrral to find out the docs receptionists havent even done a thing. had enough now. basically been left a month for nothing. joke. anybody else had probs like this? last time i was poorly the same receptionists told me to go walk in clinic, needless to say i ended up in an ambo couldnt breathe. so much for great doctors receptionists.

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  • If the doctor said you needed to be referred to a respiratory clinic and that referral hasn't yet been made I suggest that you contact the practice manager and ask what's going on. There may be a simple explanation for this which the receptionist isn't aware of.

  • Nobody is claiming it. I lm gonna phone them again tomorrow.

  • Never ever trust a GP surgery to do a referral. Always chase up.

  • Yeah tell me about it. They cant act like this with asthma. Thanks for your reply x

  • Im having same problem. My doc referred me in november a week after referral the gp sent me to hosp and they gave me more steriods and said ee'll rush your referral through and you should be seen within a couple of weeks. I had to ring gp to chase it up after three weeks of not hearing anything so then got and my appointment through for february do they left my three months struggling wih my asthma and cough that i have with it. Hope you get it sorted

  • I phoned them again today finally and within couple of hours for my letter of referral but then we have to book it so now waiting time is 2MONTHS. Grrrrrrr in agony with back. So it will be 7 months like this is agony. Had all drugs now. Just inhalers.

  • I always check with the hospital department after 2weeks to check if they have received the referral letter, as this has happened to us and elderly relatives so now we are more proactive.

  • Thankyou for your reply. Yes I think I will do the same next time. That's a good idea thanks. I will defo try that for next time. Had a bad attack yest. Ran out of pred so prob need more. Thanks for thts a good idea. X

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