So... I was in A&E the other day with nebulizers one after another. A man came up to my mum, auntie and myself and asked what was wrong... my Mum answered 'her asthma'. His reply was 'asthma?' Is that it? 'asthma' Man up! I didn't really take it in at that time but thinking of it makes my blood boil! How dare he say that I mean yes its just asthma but asthmas life threating and I have been so close to passing away because of my asthma! Yes people may think asthmas just a small thing but before they say things they need to either have it themselves and see what we go through or atleast research how serious it can be! Sorry about my rant but I just had to say something to someone.

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  • We all need to have a rant from time to time and here is the best place for it.

    I'm not surprised at your reaction to that man's comments, it is so annoying when people re-act like that.

    I hope you're feeling better after your A&E treatment.

    Take care.

  • Thank you. Its so annoying when people judge!

  • Yes it certainly is, it is a pity that they can't experience what we have to go through on a daily basis then there reaction might be more understanding.

  • What a twat. I'd like to see him man up while having an asthma attack =_=

  • Wow! that man was ignorant and rude you can die with an asthma attack. Obviously a man who has never had asthma.

  • I had a similar experience but at work. My boss just didn't understand and thought I was just attention-seeking! It makes you so furious, but you just have to feel sorry for ignorant people like that. Hope you're feeling better now x

  • Some people have no empathy. If you have not seen someone having a severe, life threatening asthma attack it probably is difficult to imagine how distressing it is for everyone but no one should be spoken to like that. We should be more assertive and talk back to unfeeling people like that. I know you couldn't but maybe your Mum should arm herself with statistics about fatal asthma attacks should this happen again!



  • It gets me so cross when I hear of this happening. It's a while since it's happened to me, but the last time it did my reaction was to give the individual concerned a quick education in the realities of the condition which went along the lines of 'Yes - you know, the condition that kills three people every day in the UK.'. It's quite interesting seeing the reaction that statistic causes. Those who say it have no idea of just how serious it can be.

  • I meant to ask, how's the flixotide accuhaler going?

  • Hi, I had my consultant and asked her wether I was ment to be on it or not and shes said that I don't need to be on it because the seretide has the same meds in

  • Almost, but not quite:-). Flixotide doesn't have the salmeterol. But to be fair, I can see her point of view. If you're on seretide 250, there's really not much point in being on flixotide 250 as well. I admit to being a little confused when you mentioned you were on seretide, but assumed they were going to take you off that and put you on flixotide instead.

    The main thing is that it really doesn't matter which one your on, so long as it works for you:-)

  • Ohh ok:/ She's put me on steroids for another 8 days tapping down as stopping them straight away isn't working. She said she wants to put me on the daily but that'll be a last resort because of it making me put on so much weight.

  • Keeping fingers crossed for the next eight days.

  • Try not to take it seriously Megan - he's what is normally called an Ignorant Pig.

    No manners, no brain and stupid to boot.

    But I have to say, until I came down with a variant of asthma, I didn't know how serious it was.

    one meets idiots everywhere

  • I totally agree with you. Its a similar reaction that happens if you mention depression. The response usually is "pull yourself together" or even "its not a real illness!"

  • dont worry about the idiot just you concentrate on getting better. get well soon xxxxxx

  • We've probably all been on the receiving end of that sort of attitude from friends and even family members. You just have to remember that, with all the research that's going on, there might be a breakthrough that will mean that you are asthma free but there's no help for these people - they'll always be rude and ignorant!

  • That's because the twit has never seen an asthma attack!!? What a idiot!!

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