backache and asthma?

ive been coughing now for 4 half months and finally being referred had 3 lots of allsorts had enough. ive bronchitis and asthma but they thought gerd also although alot better still this cough wont go away and im shattered and my back is killing me. mucus is a real pain but i think the bronchitis is still lingering. anybody any tips what to do as its so sore i cant lie on one side. im hoping the respiratory clinic will help me more hopefully very soon.

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  • If you have gerd do you lie propped up by at least 6 inches, not by pillows as this can strain your neck but under the mattress. Also do not eat anything after 6 pm, sorry cannot help with your other problems :-)

  • thanks for your reply, i have propped my mattress up just the head side but A & E doc thought gerd it hasn't been proven yet my other docs still think just bronchitis and asthma although alot better. This back is annoying. still coughing away esp cold air. thanks for reply.

  • Hello Shezxx,

    I can only offer that I also get something similar at night (usually towards the end of the night), like someone is boxing me on both sides of my lower back. I also have a persistent cough. The only relief for me comes when my asthma is improved. But when it did come, the improvement was very quick. For the GERD, as Starvey says, the bed is one thing. I'm relatively new to asthma, but is there any physio that might help with the mucus - may be worth asking at the Resp Clinic?

    Hoping you get some relief soon!

  • thanks for your reply. i will ask respiratory clinic im sure they will advise soon as i get an appointment. thanks for replying

  • I have to be a little careful with my back as I'm hypermobile and susceptible to sciatica. Exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles have helped enormously as they play a big part in supporting the back.

    For lower back problems one thing that can be done at night is to place a pillow under knees if you are lying in your back and use only one pillow under your head. If you want to lie on your side, place a pillow between your knees.

    Like so many posting on this site at the moment I've also had problems with a persistent cough following on from a viral infection. I'm also having issues with mucus. One thing I have found helpful at night is to use Vicks vapour rub on my chest - feels revolting, but it does help me.

  • i have a humidifier that you put vicks tablets in and it helps the mucus part but i rub vicks on my chest and your right it helps vicks. i will try the pillow on my bed tonight. thankyou for your reply x

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