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Hi all, I had the doctors ring today about my appointment yesterday... I've only just got told that I am meant to be starting a new inhaler called Flixotide Accuhaler (Fluticasone Propion) but I was meant to start it a week ago yesterday but no one had told me or even gave it me while I was in hospital for that matter! But I have now got to wait till Monday to have it because my consultant wants to talk to me before hand! Why didn't they tell me while I was in hospital? One more thing... is Flixotide Accuhaler (Fluticasone Propion) the orange inhaler?

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  • I have flixotide nebulisers Ithe orange inhaler is flutiform

  • I have a flixotide inhaler. It's orange.

  • It's a disc shaped orange inhaler (with a counter device). I'm on a flixotide 250 accuhaler.

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