Hi everyone hope u all ok my morning so far been rough back to back nebs and oxygen chest not good at all seen doc early more nebs etc got to c physio today sometime doc coming back to c me feeling rough looking at Monday now for home if all ok got collapsed lung and bad infection so got to clear it all up peek flow 150 normly on good day 400 above not at the moment. Well that's me have a good day everyone X

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  • Hi Tacey 1972

    I sorry to hear you ar still really poorly. I will keep praying for your recovery. I pray that your lung will heal and your infection will be gone. Your peak flow is back up to normal so you no longer need oxygen or nebuliser and your home on Monday. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Hi thank u it's going to b a long hull but I will get there eventually but thank u for ur prayers and kind words hope u ok X

  • Hi Tracey1972

    I believe God gave us doctors and nurses to help us when we are ill. The nhs is amazing and I am very grateful for it.

    As for me I went back to

    swimming today for the first time since my asthma attack 6wks ago.I did 16 lengths and going back tomorow to do the same. My chest is slightly sore from being out in the cold today. My peak flow is perfect. Not used my inhaler for over a week. So feeling really good.

  • Hi thank I for ur kind words swimming makes me bad thee chlorine irritates me big time I love swimming as well glad to hear ur feeling better take care x

  • I feel your pain!! My peak flow was also only 150 when admitted now at 350 but best for me is 480. Hoping to get home tomorrow if i can manage to stay off the nebulisers tonight. I pray that god will give you the strenght and rest you need to fight the infection and will bring you peace!

  • Oh thank u good luck with getting home I'm looking at next week looking at Monday if everything ok not going to hold my breathe on antibiotics so hopefully they will kick in and sort it out got lot pain in the back through it and that hurts a lot on painkillers and morohine patch , tramadol docs on about having scan to have a look to c what going on in there , take care hope all goes well for u

  • Oh dear Tracey what a start to 2016 you're having. I will pray to God to give you the strength to get through this.

    I do hope you start to improve soon

  • Thank u it's been a hard start and that's only the first one of 3 hope the next one not as bad

  • Yeah i am on antibiotics, steroids, antisickness and painkillers too! Hope you manage to get home soon!

  • Thanks and I hope u recover soon as well

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