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Hi I'm new here. I just wondered if anyone had a similar experience. Thanks in anticipation . My asthma nurse is sending me to a respiratory specialist as we can't seem to get it under control in the last year. I'm taking ventolin and fostair permanently. I've been on predisinone

I just wondered if anyone's experience with the specialist and what to expect?

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Hi & welcome.

I think each specialist will have their own approach to things but you might be referred for a CT scan, X-Ray, blood tests, spirometry, etc. They will want to get to the bottom of the problem but how they do that will probably depend upon the results of any initial tests.

I was referred just over a year ago & the outcome was that I had problems that were beyond (although probably caused by) asthma, but that was just me; obviously everyone is different!!

I'm sure it will be helpful though & wish you good luck & an imprvement in your symptoms.

Whereabouts (roughly) are you in the country? There might be people who know your locality & the consultants.

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Hi Thankyou for your reply. I am in North Lincolnshire. A bit nervous but obviously want to get it sorted as it can be disabilitating some days.


I'm delighted you're being sent to a specialist; too few people are referred on. You'll receive a few tests; probably spirometry to start (like a computerised peak flow meter), then possibly a lung function test, which is similar but much harder work. You should have blood tests to assess your allergens, and bloods might also be tested for IgE levels (that's part of your immune system that overreacts to your various allergens). You might have X-rays to check for infection, scarring etc. Then your consultant will talk to you about your symptoms and might suggest a different regimen of medication.

It might all take a while to find the right meds etc for you, but work with the consultant and keep an open mind. Good luck :)

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Hi and thank you for your reply. It has put my mind at ease knowing what to expect. I have been under an asthma nurse for nearly 2 years and she said she has to refer me as she can do no more for me. Hopefully they will get me sorted. Thanks again.


I'm in a similar boat. We've had difficulty with my asthma in that I can seem controlled for a bit but then I get worse and have to step up meds and can't step down again. I've had multiple severe and life-threatening attacks.

I can't really say anything on the consultant front but I've been referred too and will be seeing immunology on 20th Jan., followed by resp consultant on the 25th January. Like Minushabens said, if you could tell us your consultant someone might know him/her! :P

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The important thing to remember about specialists is that they want to help you, but they are very aware that with something like asthma the condition varies from individual to individual. It's natural that you should be nervous, but remember when you walk through that door into the consulting room that there are immediately two experts in the room: one is obviously the consultant - the other is you. You are the expert on what you have been going through. Getting any medical condition sorted out is a team effort and you, as the patient, are a very important part of the team.

Before you go, make a few notes on what you have been experiencing: information of peak flow readings, what seems to trigger you, what happens when you start an attack, how you've responded to medication etc. The other thing you should jot down are any questions you may want to ask. Don't be afraid be to ask them. Remember, the consultant is there to help you to get better; an important part of that is really understanding your condition.

Good luck:-)



I had my first appointment with specialist in December. I didn't know what to expect either. I took a peak flow diary and list of triggers with me.

First they did a chest X-ray, then spirometry (I was rubbish at that but they were patient and I had 4 goes at it). I got weighed and went in to see the specialist.

He was lovely, he asked loads of questions, had a wee look at my skin and eyes and sent me for blood tests for ige levels.

I am due to see him again in Feb.

Meantime I keep going with all my current meds. He said I have severe persistent asthma and depending on the ige results I might start injections.

All in all he was lovely and very reassuring.

hope this helps and good luck 😊

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Hi thank you for your reply. It ease sour minds somewhat if we have an idea of what is going to happen. I'm still waiting for my appointment though.


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