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Holiday insurance


First of all merry christmas and a better new year to you all and thx for listening to me this year with my new found asthma.

I went to book travel insurance to go to see friends in the USA , which I do every 8 years or so if I can afford it. Having listened to replies that the insurance would not cost me much more because I now have asthma, I was shocked to hear what they came up with - 466 euros ! I normally pay for the year as I like to come back to the uk as well and the normal price for a years insurance is 110 euros - but 466! I was so shocked at the time that I actually paid it but now can't really afford to go anyway.

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Hello Faraway2 so sorry to hear you will not be able to go on your holiday. Wishing you a very happy Christmas ♥♥♥

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I have a yearly travel ins with Saga which is very reasonable. Not sure if I am allowed to name the company. You need to. Be 50+ They do not add too much for asthma for me.


i have just come back from my holidays i used moneysupermarket for my quotes.

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Liverpool Victoria didn't charge me more for my asthma, if you're not actually hospitalised with it you shouldn't have an increase in fees. I'd say find a new insurer! I went to flippin' Beijing, pollution city, armed with my asthma inhalers and didn't have any flare-ups at all. You shouldn't have to pay extortionate amounts for the possibility of a flare-up.


Ooooh, that sounds steep.

I have a free insurance with my bank and all I have to do is add asthma on to it - it cost me just over £100 last year.

Fingers crossed you'll find something that doesn't bankrupt you!

Happy New Year


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