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Asthma, but ok peak flow

Has anyone every had asthma symptoms I.e tight chest but no weezing and your peak flow is ok? I'm am 22 and don't smoke and on sertide 124 twice a day and I need to use my blue inhaler about 40 times a day, my doctor says I have no asthma symptoms and everything's ok but I feel rough every day and scared I will have an attack, I cannot get anywhere

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I get this sometimes - and it drives me crackers when it happens. My chest feels tight, I've needed to take a ventolin during the night (usually a rare occurrence), but my peak flow is either normal for me - or has only dropped by a small amount. If I go to the GP I know full well the first thing I will be asked is 'How's your peak flow?' Worse, if I say it's OK (and my chest sounds clear - which it often does) I know the next thing said will be 'Hmm, this may be your stomach playing up again' (my stomach has a tendency to empty more slowly than is normal and I do get periods of reflux as a result - which in turn can result in asthma like symptoms). To be fair to my GP, there are a number of times when that has been the correct call - I've been put on medication to help with my stomach and things have settled down. But there has certainly been one occasion when I'm not at all certain that it was. There have been others (always happening when it's cold and snowy) when I've decided not to go to my GP - given that my peak flow is OK, it can't be asthma, and given that my stomach feels fine, it can't be that either - so I've just suffered and waited for things to calm down.

I really am at a loss to know what to advise about this - because as yet I haven't found the answer myself. I've often wondered whether having had asthma for decades I'm just very sensitive to very mild asthma upsets.

Sorry I can't be of any help - but you are not alone in getting this. I would also also appreciate any thoughts on this from fellow sufferers out there.

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I'm just really annoyed that doctors don't seem to take it seriously. I would be happier if somebody could help with ways to calm my symptoms, I'm taking 10 puffs of my reliever every 4hrs but not much help and its Christmas so doctors are not available unless you dial out of hours and travel and still get nowhere.


I've already sent this once (and it seems to have disappeared) so if this pops up twice my apologies to those reading this thread. The thing that worries me whenever this problem occurs is what will happen if I go down with a viral infection (never a good thing for asthmatics - even for those who are normally well controlled) before things have settled down.


Ok, this is serious if you need 40 puffs of reliever daily. A lot of GPs are insufficiently aware of the vagaries of asthma. Some people's peak flow doesn't vary - meet your sister. Some people don't wheeze, for example I just cough. If your GP doesn't know this you need to ask for a referral to a respiratory specialist. You need allergy tests to establish your main allergens, lung function tests and spirometry, possibly X-rays. You also need to have your meds reviewed and possibly to try new meds until your asthma is under control.

I fully understand that you're scared, uncontrolled asthma is very scary. Don't let yourself be fobbed off by your GP. Good luck.


Pucageorgie, thank you so much for telling me something that I've often wondered about, but never got an answer for. At least in future if I start to have a real problem with breathing (as in just going upstairs is hard work) then I'll have an answer when I see my GP.

Merry Christmas to both you and taz_bristol, and all the best for the New Year.


40 puffs of ventolin per day is too many and potentially serious. Go back to your GP or a different one if more than one at your practice. See an asthma nurse. Ask for a referral. Go to A and E but don't leave it.

I rarely wheeze. I cough instead. Sometimes my peak flow is reasonable but still struggle to breathe. My GP now knows this but I did have to be tenacious.

If you can....take someone with you to fight your corner as you probably feel too ill to fight much at the moment.

Not sure of the reason but I had many more exacerbations when on Seretide and much better now on qvar(beclometasone) and montelukast. Maybe just me but worth an ask? How long have you been on Seretide and is there a link with your symptons?

Fight your corner......thinking of you this Christmas.


Only 5 months I've been on seretide, even after I started I went back to asthma nurse, emergency centres over and over as o couldn't breath, and still got nowhere, will be going back on new year and hopefully get somewhere.


I am so glad I've learnt this. Now the problem is going to be to convince my GP - particularly when stomach issues can (and have) cause very similar symptoms. I do now know the warning signs for the latter and have discovered this fact about the former, I'll be more certain of my ground.

Merry Christmas, Triggerina. Hope you have a great one.


Happy Christmas and New Year to you too MaggieHP


Have a great Christmas will keep you updating of get anywhere 🎅 🎄


So I've been to see a nurse at hospital and apparently no symptoms at all of asthma and been told I may have white heart syndrome which causes breathlessness and rapid heart rate almost same with asthma, so I asked myself have I even had asthma all along?


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