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I've had asthma for about 3 years now (thanks to a *little* bit of damp) and I've only just found this site, which I'm really liking right now!

Anyway, recently my asthma has been quite bad due to the cold and stuff, been going to bed absolutely exhausted and hardly able to breathe despite doing very little. Thankfully I've recently broken up for Christmas, which is good because my bus stop is like 20 minutes away and up a hill, so that obstacle isn't so daunting right now. Still, I went to my doctors and he's given me prednisolone which I'm used to, but he's also given me this Montelukast pill. I'm starting it tonight, so hopefully it'll work. Has anyone here been given this? I just wondered as my pharmacist said it's quite new, and they're going to give me a call as well to see how I'm doing on it, so I was just curious.

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Hi SkipLockMcdon just like to welcome you to the site, unfortunately I have not used that drug but am sure someone will be along soon who can help:-) :-) :-)



I started on Montelukast a few months ago. I have found it has made a significant difference. My asthma is improving. I need much less frequent courses of prednisilone.

Hope it helps you too.

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I am also new to this site and asthma! Got diagnosed last year & have found that this year I'm having much more trouble with it. My surgery gave me Montelukast two days ago to 'trial' for a month. Maybe it's all in my head but I'm feeling the benefits already. The constant tickle when I breathe is very much reduced & I am able to take a more full breath in. No side effects as yet. I'm feeling optimistic 😌


I've been on Montelukast for about a year.

I had a really bad time and had pleurisy. I had many courses of antibiotics and tried just about every inhaler going. I was on Symbicort turbohaler 400 twice a day but still not getting better but with the Minteleukast as well it improved.

Now I'm on Montelukast at night and Symbicort turbohaler 200 twice a day.

Good luck.


Montelukust is not that new, I've been on it for what seems like years. Take one at night. Helps with the breathing but not the sleeping :(


I've been on Montelukast for about 5 years, it reduces mucous production and has helped me a great deal. I came off it 3 years ago but went back on as I needed it.


I was put on Montelukast three years ago. It works really well for me. It is ,I believe,primarily for allergic asthma. Perhaps you are allergic to the mould spores in the damp you mentioned? Or maybe other allergies too?

I used to need antihistamines regularly but no longer need to on Montelukast.

It may not work for everyone and has not cured my asthma but improved it a lot . Much better controlled and stable asthma for me.

I also take Qvar(beclometasone) twice daily. Ventolin on average about twice weekly depending on time of year.

I have not needed Prednisolone since starting Montelukast and Qvar.

I remember it took a few weeks for the Montelukast to kick in.

Hope this helps. Definitely worth a try I would think!

I take mine immediately before bed but I know some people take it in the morning as they feel it disturbs their sleep.


Montelukast has been around for years. My son has been on it for 10yrs and it definitely helps. Good luck with it.

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Montelukast is generic Singulair in the US. This drug, for me, took 60 days before it worked and allowed me to lower my dose of inhaled steroids. I also take 5 days of an antibiotic, azithromycin, as soon as a cold begins with an oral steroid.


I've been on Montelukast for 5yrs. It's good for allergenic asthma and there is evidence that it helps with exercise induced asthma too.

I had it as a trial and felt much better, every time my Dr stops it I end up ill.


It improved my symptoms in such a massive way it changed my life!!!!!! I sleep better as I am not waking, streaming with snot!! I get less post nasal drip. I can have a lie in. As not waking up coughing and wheezing. It took a few weeks for it to start taking effect but I think it's marvellous!!! My sideceffectsvthough are very strange graphic dreams and nightmares. But I prefer that to streaming snot and cough


Hi & welcome

Yes agree with all the above. I keep track of my peak flow over time & saw an immediate improvement when & since I was prescribed it.


had briefly tried to come of montelukast, I had a severe reaction similar to the one experienced by people taking it for the first time. ZI felt suicidal, anxious, depressed, I so my GP and he thought it was just anxiety and prescribed me anti depressants which I didn't take. I immediately went back on montelukast and I was back to normal within 24 hours.

Has anyone had these symptoms when stopping montelukast. I would like to come of it permanently but I am now afraid.


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