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Asthma/cold/chest pain

Hello I've been suffering with quite bad chest pain and breathlessness and I've noticed I've been bringing up a lot of phlegm. I have recently had a cold and this always has an effect on my asthma. But now the cold has gone I'm still feeling quite fatigued. I have had asthma all my life and have always been able to keep good control, just wondering if anyone had suffered anything similar.

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Hey hope you're feeling a bit better? Same thing happened to me about three weeks ago. I went to see my doctor after suffering for five days with chest pain and breathlessness he admitted me to hospital. They kept me in for the night low peak flow lots of nebuliser and steroids given and a five day course after I was discharged. They advised me to take it easy and that the weather was to blame. I am still extremely tired all these weeks later and get worn out quite easily. Really you are not alone - it's horrendous but sometimes it helps to know others understand what you are going through. Hope you feeling better soon


Have u been back to gp incase u have a chest infection

I'm currently going through very similar to u, got ill 4 weeks ago with a cold thing and had bad asthma symptoms since, I don't have a chest infection but do still have chest pain plus a strange heavy sensation in my back, I also get tired super quickly I think it's just a case of letting ur body recover and it's slower at this time of year with everything going round, hope that u feel better soon and that the knowledge ur not alone helps


Chest pain and fatigue can drag on alright, especially at this time of year. What colour is the phlegm? If it's clear or very lightly coloured you probably needn't worry, just drink plenty of fluids to help loosen it and take gentle exercise (easy walks) to help move it all out. If it's coloured though, or it persists much longer, I'd go back to the GP. Feel better soon.


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