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2nd X-Ray required

hi there

following on from my first post about my asthma and excess mucus production :-) I've been sent for an X-Ray. I then had to have a chat on the phone with my doctor once the results came back. he said they spotted a mark of sorts on my left lung- he said they are not sure if it's an old mark or and infection so I have to go back in another 6 weeks for another X-Ray.

I know the chances are everything is fine as I am in good health other than my chest problems.

Has anyone else had something like this ?

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Yep; I have scarring in my lungs from asthma/pneumonia/mucus plug build up. It's hard to avoid but not anything to worry about too much at this stage. If it's an infection it should be gone in 6 weeks, if it's scarring, well, it's scarring.

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