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Asthma history last couple of months

I been thinking about my asthma symptoms for the last couple of months in preparation for my asthma review on Wednesday. I would have said my asthma symptoms were mild for over ten years and two weeks ago was my first asthma attack.

Now I long back on the last couple of months I having been getting tight chest 2/3 times while been in the car not driving. I never associated a tight chest with asthma as my symptoms have been coughing and wheezing. I know this sounds silly to properly alot of you and you asking how did I not know. In fact I thought it might be some thing else but don't know what.

I suppose this shows my ignorance about the disease of asthma and because it was mild treatable with a a few puffs on my Ventolin.

What I am wondering is that as I didn't recognize the symptoms and didn't do any thing about it. Was it was a warning sign the asthma was getting worse or having a tight chest is just a symptoms you get whatever whatever your asthma is like.

I just want to make sure I tell the asthma nurse everything even if its embarrassing or shows my ignorance. There is alot more to asthma than I thought or even knew.

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Hi Elanaoli, I think asthma is a long learning curve . it does not show ignorance I always am asking what seem to be stupid questions, but I just need to know these things .I remember a nurse once said to me we are not mind readers you must ask so I do. Good luck with your appointment I have one in January♥♥♥


Thanks stavey cat. Just still working through things learning curve has been straight up! History is so important to doctors. I written a diary for the two weeks to track my symptoms. Its good to see where i was then and now. I hope and pray your review goes well in January.

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