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Quick Question


I have a quick question for the people on here as I'm genuinely not sure of the answer.

I've been feeling my asthma getting worse since Friday due to a cold (my main trigger now). I went to the GP yesterday and my gut feeling was that I needed for steroid tablets. My peak flow wasn't down too far and the GP wasn't concerned as I was able to hold a conversation with him so no steroids were prescribed. He did prescribe me antibiotics for a chest infection though.

Today my peak flow has dropped further and, on and off, I've been wheezing quite badly. I'm also taking an insane amount of Bricanyl.

Should I go back to the GP? He's a bit "Doc Martin" so I don't want to if I don't have to! Hee hee!

Thanks in advance for your help!

J x

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If you're increasing the bricanyl to that extent & have a dropping peak flow then you need to take some action. Do you have a preventer as well & have they suggested any temporary increase in it? Doubling up is common but obviously subject to medical guidance.


Please go back to ur gp!!!! My asthma flared up a couple of weeks ago, my peak flow wasn't overly low so didn't panic, felt really rough Wednesday last week and went back to gp for them to end up calling an ambulance and I got rushed into a and e, I really don't want u to go through what I did so please, as annoying as Dr Martin ;) is, go back, good luck xx


I would say definitily go back! I had a dr once who took that view that first visit things may be ok, but if you had to go back it needed treating, Maybe yours is a bit like this? Alternatively is there a different dr you can see, or an asthma nurse? Dont leave it if you are deteriorating, particularly with the cold weather that is coming in.

Good luck!



Absolutely agree with above replies. Go back to surgery - maybe ask for another doctor if 'Doc Martin' isnt sympathetic. Good luck and I hope things improve for you. x


Yes, go back! Won't cost you anything! Take good care!

....just as an aside I read drinking coffee provides similar relief as Ventolin, I read that if you are caught short without reliever, coffee MIGHT help! Not advocating as a treatment obviously lol!

The other thing I would suggest is to just revisit your technique for taking the meds. Is it as effective as it can be.......?


If your pek flow is still dropping.....go back to your GP today. Don't risk ending up in A &E !


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