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Any other religious people on here?

I'm just interested, really. I am Christian and I believe in God, but I'm very liberal in my beliefs. I find it can be hard sometimes to believe in Him but some things have happened in my life where I feel God gave me some kind of chance, and most recently, although I have no proof, I just like to feel that He is a small part of the reason I am alive after my recent attacks.

I wondered if anyone else on here is religious, in the face of the adversity that is asthma? Not just Christian, but also Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh etc.. I'd be interested maybe to know if there is any part of asthma which has made you believe or not believe, or has strengthened or weakened your faith :)

Sorry if this is too personal a question!

-- Matt :P

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I used to be very religious once upon a time but several things dented my faith through my life to the point it has gone now.

I think where I probably got to was a position of rejecting organised religion rather than God & probably see myself as Agnostic & sort of Humanist. I saw and dealt with so many people who spent half their lives praying & the other half acquiring possessions, power or advantages, then found people who held real belief and faith in unlikely places.

I have a great regard though for people who live according to their faith or principles, be they religious, political or anything else.


Hi Servewithmintsauce when I was a child I regularly went to Church , I had no choice, and sounds funny but I always found them to be frightening places, I still do. As to believing in God I just do not know, I do believe in the power of love as I do not think that something as common as death can end the love we have for our family hope this goes some way to answer your question♥

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hi Matt yes i believe god is real and he is the god of comfort not of suffering like many people believe, i don't know whether you have a bible but just check these three scriptures out 2 Corinthians chapter 1 and verse 3, 1 Peter chapter 5 verses 6,7 and James Chapter 1 verse 13 see what you make of them take care Alan

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Nope. I agree with Christopher Hitchens, "religion poisons everything." Belief in god, ganesh, bel or the tooth fairy is potty but harmless (just my opinion of course! no offence) but formal religious practice - which inevitably judges people according to their perceived piety - another, and frequently harmFUL to society.

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Ok, that's your opinion.


Hi I am a christian and I have a tough time at the moment with my asthma. I want you to know that you may not understand what is happening at the moment. You may be questioning God why? Jermiah 29:11 says I have plans to prosper not to harm to give you hope and future. God has purpose for your life you are alive because he loves you and wants for you to find him in your asthma. Your post has help me already today because I can pray for you here, I wouldn't chose what's happening to me the last two weeks but I know God is good all the time all the time God is good. Just talk to him that's praying. It isn't difficult. I pray that you find God because he wants to tell you how much he loves.

What happened to you made you think that you are alive for a reason one of the reason is to bless me. I am awake too early feeling so tired but your post has blessed me because I can pray for you. This is one of the good things that has been a positive thing for me take my eyes off me and be able to encourage and pray for you and others. God loves you so much. Thank you God for giving me you so I can pray for you God works ALL things for those who love him. That means All things even asthma.


My first asthma attack two weeks to the day has strengthen my faith. It has been very tough for me and still haven't fully recovered yet. God first prepared me for it happening. I was about to teach my Brownies how to treat an asthma attack for there first aid badge. I was preparing to work out what to say when I was prompted to ring asthma UK helpline They didn't like the idea of my symptoms and told me to go to my doctors nd make ban appointment with the asthma nurse. I did this and next thing it happened. It didn't get better so I rang 999 for myself. Paramedic in 5 minutes. I was fine i didn't panic because God ad prepared me. I was put on rescue steriod and have been to the Dr lots of times because the asthma nurses helped me to be bold and assertive. I have the treatment I need to get better. In myself being human i don't like what has happened to me I thrown the toys out of the pram several times. It's been really tough. However one of the best things to happen to me is that I found asthma forum where I found people who have supported me and answered my questions. That is God looking after me. He given me peace, the strength to get me through and keep me going like this morning awake at 4:30pm feeing really tired and feed up. But then I read your post which made forget how I was feeling. So I turned it on its head and starting praying for you instead. You have really blessed me this morning. Read jermiah2911. God has plans to prosper you not to harm you but to give you a h Hope and a future. So that's my pray for you that you find out what God wants for you to do. He loves you Matt


You know Matt I'm married to a war veteran who totally lost his faith. His child he had before he went to war was christened, the one after was not!

It's a question I asked my local vicar after my dad passed away. He said he didn't believe God has that much control over actual events. He's there to help us with dealing with the aftermath.

So I would say, continue to have faith. Keep praying and his love will give you added strength.

....I can't believe I'm saying this as I'm typing; it's been a long time since I went to church. I think I need to go again.........I'm feeling the need to get some Christian love lol!

You take good care with your asthma!


That's interesting actually :) I've always taken the position that God can't make good things happen, but some of the time can help prevent the worst from happening. Sadly, the horrendous situations in Syria and Paris and all over the world sometimes challenge this but then again, we have free will so..


Hi Janien you would be welcome at my church any sunday. One night I had a dream as i was walkinh along the beach with God across the dark sky flashed scences from my life For each scence, i notice two sets of footprints in the sand one belonging to me and one to my God .

After the last scence of my life flashed before me at the footprints in the sand i noticed that many timrs along thebpath of life especially at the lowest and saddest times there was only one set of footprints

This really troubled me , so I asked God about it God you said once I decided to follow you You'd walk with me all the way But I notive that during the saddest and most throublesome times there was only one set of footprints. I dont understand why when i needed you the most you would leave me.

He whispered "My precious child I love you and will never leave you. Never ever during your trails and testings. When ever during trials and tests it was then i carried you.

That is God.

I may be awake this am night as the steriods play havoc with my sleep I know God is carrying me. I am awake so I can check posts here and give encouragement to my fellow asthma suffers. God loves you.


No, I have never been religious, and consider myself an Atheist. The only time I have ever been a part of any religion was when as a child, and I was forced to pray 3 times a day at school.

Although, my Mother and Grandmother were both very Catholic people who regularly said prayers, and went to church together. They both believed praying would help them. Sad to say, they both died young due to Asthma, and COPD.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I wouldn't say that is causation either way, just a seriously unlucky correlation. No-one should ever have to die from these conditions..I hope that it wasn't due to bad asthma care or something preventable.

It's interesting to hear other people's take on their own faith, thanks :)


I am a christian and truly believe that God has a plan for our lives, even one which includes asthma! I have been having a tough time with my asthma recently which has now resulted in me being on 40mg pred but one verse which has really stuck with me recently has been Romans 8:31.


Amen to Roman 8:31 I am sorry for your lose in your family due to asthma and COPD Addie T. I am a christian too and I would never have chosen what has happen to me in the last nearly 6 wks. I had my first asthma attack ever in 10 yrs of having asthma. I have gone from mild to Moderate and now on combination inhaler (seretide 250mg) I had 3 wks of steroids which gave me lots of sleepless nights and made me highper. Did n't sleep well for 4 wks and had oral thrush from my inhaler but all better now. Not to mention a mid of the night appointment to see a doctor on the other side of town in the wee small hours of the morning (due to ringing 111).

Not due back to see my GP til mid March as per protocol for review. But all through this and I still continue to feel God's peace.

God's plan for my life is life with asthma. I know God can heal me. I know he has and had purpose for what has and is happening to me. Its made my faith stronger and the best thing I been able to do is to exercise my gift of encouragement for others. This has meant talking to others on this forum and encouraging then when they are down. For me I have in turn receive help and encouragement from others on this forum with my many questions. Plus to help of the asthma nurse's on the helpline at asthma uk. Its been a straight learning curve straight up.

God never promise me a life without illness but he did promise he would never leave me or abandoned or desert me.

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