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Asthma help for my son

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Hi, my son is 11 and is on seretide 50 and ventolin, also Montelukast tablet. He has had a real bad cough for a year now, doctors and asthma nurse have been a joke up till now. We have juat been told his seretide dose is to low and the doctor has finally refered him to a specialist on the NHS. I am going to keep him home from school untill new year i think, as he really does sound terrible. I was hoping someone could advise what would be the best course of action the next month or so as he has onlt just been refered? Should i take him to hospital?

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I hope this doesn't come across as crass or anything, but his case doesn't sound like a typical referral case. I'm not a registered medical professional but I have read a lot, read the guidelines, know the step-up/-down process by heart..I'm not saying he doesn't have a problem. He clearly does. But it surprises me that your doctor or nurse has not stepped his Seretide up to 125/25, which is a perfectly reasonable dose for someone with moderate asthma, and the only logical step given his cough!

If the nurses/doctors are really not very good with him, chances are they're just trying to pass you off onto a specialist because they don't want to deal with your son's case. Is there another GP surgery in your locality you could take him to, where they have better services?

I just think that you needn't necessarily have to deal with the rigmarole of hospitals and specialists when there is a very simple step that your doctors should make. If you can see another GP, I would do so ASAP. Missing school is bad and if it isn't necessary (i.e. if you can see a competent doctor) then I wouldn't recommend it.

Poor you, this must suck!

He had his seretide dose upped to 125 yesterday, had the meds today. Fact is this should have been picked up last time i saw the asthma nurse in January. Even though he has now got his seretide up to what it should be, would it be wrong to take him to the hospital if there is no progress made? Thanks for your reply btw.

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Also you refered to seeing different doctors, he has seen all the ones and locums available at the practice. Not one mentioned his dosage. He has missed a lot of school but I dont want him having an asthma attack there.

That's really odd. I can't believe none of them actually mentioned it! I mean, I believe you, but I'm just in awe at the care (or lack of) you have received.

I understand your worry about the asthma affecting him at school, but trust me, if he can go in, I would let him. The psychological effects of missing work and not being a 'normal kid' can make asthma even worse.

Yeah, you need to give the Seretide a few days at least to notice a difference once you change the dose, but I have a feeling that should help. Has he had any admissions, or chest x-rays or anything?

Also, and this isn't a criticism, is he definitely taking his meds properly and in a timely fashion?

He hasnt had to go into hospital for a few years but, he sounds like a sea lion coughing, hes that bad. His chest is clear, he had x ray 2 weeks or so ago, thats when the doctor refered him, as I told my wife not to leave the doctors until they have done so. He take his meds etc, we always supervise him. I hope what you say about the new dosage will help, I cant believe this has gone on so long. Totally unprofessional, I am thinking of making formal complaints if he gets worse. To top it all off the school gives us a hard time and the headmaster makes comments to him about his absence, poor kid cant breathe properly and all they interested is in school attendance percentages.

No offence, but to hell with "if he gets worse"! Who knows how many other people are going or could go through what you did under their care! I would make a formal complaint, and I'm the kind of person who hates complaining.

I definitely wasn't implying he doesn't, but it's always worth a check :)

Ah I see. That barking cough. I know it well! And that sucks, about his headmaster. Do they know how bad he is?

Also, I'm guessing he uses a spacer with his preventer inhaler?

Yes I think your right about the complaint. Yes the headmaster and most teachers know. Its all about money and numbers nowadays.

He does still use a spacer for both his blue and purple pumps. He uses a ventolin disc pump for school though. Thanks for replies.

The headmaster making comments to him about his absence is also less than ideal (I'm trying to be polite here, you understand). Having been a teacher, and also having had an asthmatic son, I really would recommend that you request a meeting with the headmaster to discuss his asthma, and if possible request that his form teacher is there as well.

Yes, I will talk to my wife about it and set the wheels in motion, so to speak. Thanks.

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yes you should take him to hospital to get him checked out and get them to put him on a asthma machine and that should keep his coughing down if you still need advice please do email me on here many thanks anthony

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