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I have had two lots of this steriod after my asthma attack. What side effects have people notice when taking this? This drug has really mess up my sleep and I haven't had a good nights sleep for a week. The other side effect I have experience is that it has sent my blood sugar very high. I only found this out as I took an urine sample around to my doctors yesterday as my bladder was hurting. I have Interisal cystics (which is a long term condition and one of the symptoms is its like a bladder infection. So a flare up can seem like one and so I took a sample around to see if I had infection. It was dip tested and it was clear so my bladder is flaring which isn't surprising due to the stress I have been under. However the doctors who rang to tell me the results said that I had high blood sugar. This can be a side effect of prednisolone so I had to stop taking it understandably. I have to go in on monday and have a blood test to look at my sugar levels for the last 3 months and an urine test. The doctor is confident that its just the side effect of this drug but it could also mean I am pre diabetic or diabetic. I had my blood tested in March and it was fine.

I am not worried about the results of the test as I believe I will be fine. So the question I am asking is has anyone else had this side effect i.e. high sugar level in urine and the disrupted sleep patterns.

I am still poorly with a sore throat and my sore chest is getting better. I am also waiting for the preventive to kick in I am on my third day. So its the waiting game for the preventive to work. My peak flow is still not normal 82% but goes back up on using ventolin which the asthma nurse told me to use 4 times a day til my throat is better.

I am a christian so my trust in God to get me through and my church. I had a visit from a friend in church and now I have some beautiful roses sitting in the living room. She is one of my oldest friends and it was so good to talk to her about what has happen to me yesterday. She prayed for me for God's peace and I do have it just so tired.

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  • Stay positive and try and focus your thoughts elsewhere. Keep busy if you can and try some CBT to help with your thoughts about your health issues. All the best...x

  • What is cbt?

  • Actually i know what it is i didnt want any one to worry about me as i am not worried i am at peace. I just looking for answers on the side effects of this rescue steriod. Its all new to me as i have never had an asthma attack ever in10 yrs of having asthma. Doing a steeple learning curve and finding out allI can to understand this disease which until now have given me very

    Little trouble. As a mum of three kids and a wonderful husband i need to look after myself so I can look after them.

  • I will leave the link. I believe that when people are suffering from health problems there are other issues that come with that. Obviously it is not for all, but it helps me cope with my conditions and supports me in my general well being. Mentally and physically. That way I can go to work with a positive attitude even when struggling to cope.



  • Thank you Miss Grace for caring and try to help me I appreciate than very much. Being an asthma suffer can be very tough some times.

  • Hi all i found out for myself today that this steriod spike your blood sugar a couple hours after you take it. Comsquencly why my sugar levels where so high. It takes 22 hours for it to leave your system and it makes you sweat like a pig! So hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow.

  • Hope you feel better soon. I always get 2 perfect round, red cheeks when on the steroids. LOL. Not a good look. Also get thumping headache and a pounding through my veins. They tend to do the trick though. Hope you are well for Christmas with your family...xx

  • Thank you Miss Grace still waiting for the preventive to kick in. Sleeping is still hard but slighty bettet last night. Sleeping sitting up.

  • Sorry to here you're feeling so bad, yes all what you are saying appear to be side affection to the drug prednisolone. I to have been suffering similar symptoms for some six weeks now Iv just come out of hospital, and also have intermittent high sugar levels, erratic and frustrating sleep patterns. But hopefully when we start to reduce the steroids and come off them we to will return to a normal sleep routine.

  • Some people get uncontrolleted blood sugar on steroids. I've seen it a few times and usually becomes normally when you stop taking it. Though sometimes it un masks under lying problems. If this is the case for you, I'd be thankful uncontrolled sugar can cause a lot of health problems. Steroids can cause increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, indigestion, ulcers, depletion of calcium within your bones (if taken for a long time), agitation, restlessness, depression, insomnia (these are the ones I can remember). These are normally short lived if your taking a short dose.

    Hope your feeling better and sugar becomes normal. Xxx

  • Thank you for all the kind comments. I did read the leaflet about the effects of this steriod. I didnt see that one on uncontrol sugars. As you all know I have gone from mild asthma to this suitation. I am so blessed to have a GP doctors five minutes walk from my house, the asthma nurses of the helpline and the support of you all. Its been a straight learning curve straight up but I know that I can rely on God's strength to get me through. My ventolin inhaler has just helped me get another hours sleep. I will of courae keep everyone posted on whats happens tomorrow reguards my blood test etc.

    My main of today is to get to go to christingle service with my kids.

    I pray that you all can have good control of your asthma and get all the treatment you need.

  • Have been on depomedrone (steroid slow release) the Brompton stopped that after 5 years in October am on 40 mg a day of pred go back to Brompton Tuesday for up to ten days to see if they can get it downside effects moon face and stomach not much sleep but hey keeps you going

  • Hey - my mum suffers with the same bladder condition as you so I understand how painful it is. It's also mega sensitive to medication etc so you must be having an nightmare. That on top of asthma is really really pants so I'm sending you a massive hug for being so very brave! ️Xxx

  • Hi kendo thanks for that my bladder is going crazy. I am having treatment for ic at the moment and i was feeling very well up to two days ago. I made myself an appointment for my gps tomorrow first things thanks to my doctors on line appointment system. Thank you God for the nhs.

  • Blood sugar fine and bladder much happy now I back on steroids for another week. I hope after that I will be fine. I have my asthma appointment with the nurse for a weeks time too. To have a flu jab and review how I have been getting on.

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