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Graded Exercise Programme: Any advice?


I have been ill for a couple of months and am now luckily at the stage where my asthma is under control (though still with a lot of meds). However my body is really weak and I am SO tired all of the time. Some days I can potter about the house, but others I cant even get out of bed. I have been tested for glandular fever but the results have come back negative and the Dr thinks it is just reovery from the asthma.

I am still signed off work but my Dr wants me to start a graded exercise programme to rebuild strength, without relapse. He has told me to do "a bit, and then a bit more" each day. It seems a bit vague and I am not sure what to do - I am really worried about overdoing things and getting really poorly again. Has anyone else done this, and if so do you have any tips?


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Hello Rosie 5 the only thing I seem to advocate on this site is tai chi, if you look on Google there is a 15 minute session you could start on.. Perhaps a gentle walk try a few steps and keep on increasing them daily. I was never told to exercise so this is just guessing. If you are not well enough yet to do either sitting straight in a chair, gently raising your arms, heel toe with your legs, hope this gives you a few ideas good luck ♥


Thank you! I spoke to a GP neighbour last night - apparently its a treatment used for ME/chronic fatigue sufferers. He said start with walking about 5 mins if poss, then adding either one or two minutes a day. Have to be quite strict and do it every day, even if I feel really tired, although apparently the trick is stopping walking before I feel tired, otherwise it's too much and can cause relapse. That's the bit that worries me! Will give it a go and see how I get on!!


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Hi there, I to have been suffering after my first Asthma attack in 20 years which has knocked all stuffing out of me, and am struggling to gain strength and normality.

I have been told these things do take awhile, and by doing a bit more each day will help. I really feel there should be a follow on programme us new Asthna attack patients to support us.

But sadly doesn't seem the case.


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