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I just wanted some advice on gentle but effective exercise that I could do such as aerobic and simple weight training. I have a wobble board, an exercise tube, wrist and ankle weight cuffs and an ab wheel. I do walk to and from uni each day but I have asthma, am overweight, my legs ache very badly and I have a mild underactive thyroid as well as depression, Borderline personality disorder and am low in iron and vitamin D.

I am going to make an appointment with my doctor for next week but I just wanted guidance on some basic gentle exercises I could do each day.

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  • Hello I am a great fan of tai chi, you can find it on Google. It does help to keep you supple and the breathing you do with it helps I think nothing is better to do it with but classical music and when the weather warms up outside it also helps to calm stress . good luck with your studies ♥♥♥

  • I have found yoga helpful . The breathing control and relaxation techniques are very useful when my asthma flares up.

  • I have a wobble board too, but I use that to strengthen the muscles supporting my feet and ankles, both of which I have issues with.

    You say you are at university, is there a Pilates class there you could join? That will help to strengthen your muscles, but in a controlled way. Walking is a form of aerobic exercise (one that you can either take at an easy pace or push yourself a little harder if you feel up to it) and that will help to strengthen your legs, so you are doing the right thing by walking to uni. every day.

    Something else that you might find fun is to join a dance class. This really is an excellent way of keeping fit, and because of the stop/start nature of a dance class (particularly for beginners), it shouldn't have too much impact on your asthma.

    Hope this helps.

  • I use the exercises in this link.

  • Hi,

    Thank you all. I am just so tired all the time and find it difficult to move my body in terms of exercise or in joining the gym etc but I will try :)

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