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Hi, i havent posted in a while as I have been having acupuncture for my asthma. He is a qualified medical doctor as well and I went to him with a very heavy chest, despite the reliever I have been using and also coughing. Felt terrible. On the first time, when he stuck a needle in my throat I felt and heard all the air whistle out - it sounded like a tyre deflating - he heard it too and laughed at my face! Since then I have had one more session and feel great. I can breathe fine, dont have a heavy chest, coughing is nearly non-existent and he says it will also cure my other various problems such as osteoporosis. Can´t praise acupuncture enough. I have one more session to go on Wednesday and then go onto once a month etc.

Has anyone else tried this?

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  • Hi Faraway2,

    Glad to hear things are improving for you. I've never had accupuncture for asthma but have had it for allergic rhinitis (long-term blocked/sneezy nose) and it was very effective.

    I know from a scientific point of view that evidence has shown accupuncture is effective for a couple of things - especially pain.

  • Hi, I was thinking about acupuncture as well but cannot find any good practioner in Manchester , went once but the room was so stuffy that I felt more breathless after that. It's very difficult to fime a good alternative practioner who specialises in breathing / asthma- I tried to find a private yoga teacher who specialises in breathing exercises without much luck either.

  • Hiya, yes I was very lucky as I tried it years ago for the pain from a broken wrist and the room was absolutely freezing and she hurt me quite a lot so I gave up thinking they were all the same.

    This was quite by chance as I was having coffee with a friend and she said her son had had exactly the same problems as me, i.e. a very tight heavy chest, difficulty breathing and he went to this guy and was cured after only one session! So I went the next day and the same happened to me, there was a loud hiss, the air whooshed out and I could breathe. I was so grateful I ended up in tears. I have had three sessions now and my chronic cough has gone as well. Am going to carry on hoping it will cure my osteoporosis - this guy is a doctor as well.

    Good luck in finding someone else, it's worthwhile even if you have to travel.

  • My Pilates teacher does some breathing and relaxation exercises. You could try that.

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