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Prednisone - what to expect recovery wise?

Hey everyone - me again! I took the pres yesterday and after a few hours it kicked in and I felt great. No pain in my chest whatsoever. I was running around (steroid energy I think!) It was amazing to be pain free! Last night i answered the door And someone needed a hand taking things to car. I instantly felt the cold on my chest ouch!! Took reliever but had pain all night. Woke up still in pain! Should I persevere with the meds?

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Hi Kendog sounds like you need to check this out with your doc :-)


It always takes me a week or two to recover and usually two lots of prednisolone before I can say I'm back to normal.


I don't have much experience of pred, but on the few occasions I have encountered it there's always been a stated course (lasting a few days) and the instructions were to complete the course.

I agree with starveycat - check with your doc. You really don't want to get things wrong with oral steroids.


Always speak with your Doctor or Asthma nurse about your medication. Rather than going in to the clinic (going out in the cold air) you can ask for a telephone callback or I've used e-mail to keep in touch with my asthma nurse.

Always remember your asthma is unique to you; I can give you 53 years of my experience but it could be the wrong advice and for this reason I suggest you avoid chat forums for discussing these matters.

When I get given prendisolone it's generally all that's left to calm my asthma down and generally that's all it does and it takes time and rest! My experience with prendisolone is that it does work if you complete the course.

Get well soon


I just had five days of this drug after my first asthma attack since been diagnosed 10 yrs ago. I have had a sore chest for a week now. Like you the drug worked on me and dealt with my tight chest. My chest is still sore because I was told by the asthma nurse today that my airways are still inflamed and I bet yours are too. Are you on a preventer? Remember if in doubt ring asthma uk helpline or go to the doctors and asked to be seen as soon as possible.


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