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Advice request

Hi, just looking for some general advice, my boyfriend was recently diagnosed with asthma (he had it when he was younger but not so bad as this time).

They are still trying to work out exactly which medication to put him on but at the moment he's in & out of hospital.

Is it usually like this at the beginning?

Is there anything we can do to make it easier?

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Hello Angel 1981 it took approximately 3 months to sort out my medication and now thank goodness I am balanced. How to help him make sure he rinses his mouth out really well if he is using inhalers. Raising the head of his bed might help, but not propping him up on pillows as that could hurt his neck. Always make sure he has his medication with him . phoning the helpline might. Be a good idea. And just be kind to yourself and to him as carers are get stressed as well.


Hi Angel1981,

Hope your boyfriend's asthma settles soon. i think it can be normal to take a while to work out what medications will be best for that individual.

Make sure he has a written asthma management plan (&that it's updated each time his medications change) & that you both understand how to follow it. If in doubt at any point - seek help.

If he's having an attack, sit him up. Easiest position is usually leant forward with elbows resting on a table. & help him to keep calm (panicking can speed up the breathing, which can lower levels of a gas called carbon dioxide in the body, which can then actually cause airways to narrow more & also with breathing more quickly you get tired more quickly) - so keeping calm or distractions can help.


Hi there Angel,

It's good that your boyfriend has such solid support with his asthma. You already have two good replies. I have had asthma since childhood and feel that each persons experience can be personal to them. It is not easy for the medical profession to get the treatment right for you as they have to cover themselves as well as look after you. It may seem basic but if you can find the trigger for his attacks then medication is much less important. I don't know your circumstances but do try to think if his attacks are related to things in his environment, such as animals or exposure to mould.

One factor that is often overlooked is attacks that are brought on due to food intolerance. This can come on hours after an allergen has been eaten. It's hard to trace but dairy products are a good place to start. Also in an emergency if no reliever is to hand there are two very good acupressure points that can relax the chest. You can look these up but basically they are at the bottom of the breastbone and in front of the oesophagus. Some Inhalers can make the sufferer more on edge so you may notice this at times.

All the best with it….


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