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Sucking/drawing in when coughing!


Just after some advice really.

Bit of background:

My son has had asthma since he was 4 years old and is now 11yrs old numerous hospital admissions, meds etc...

Last two years have been much better controlled, but in the last 3wks he has had two courses of pred and two courses of antibiotics. Still currently taking the second course.

Anyway this week he has started coughing in a totally new way and it ends with him being sick. The only way I can describe it is that he draws his breathe in almost like a vacuum cleaner as he coughs, he ends up bright red in the face and then gets sick. I thought it was just a bad habit he had got into but he says he does it because he can't breathe while he is coughing!! In between coughing fits he is okay. Has anyone else experience this? And should I be concerned? And get medical attention?

Thank you, sorry if I've gone on a bit!


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I've certainly experienced a child being sick as a result of asthma - it happened to my youngest son two or three times when he was quite small. On the last occasion he threw up in the car - I was on my way to the doctor with him (from school) when it happened.

I would get him to a doctor.


Thank you, will do.


The dreadful FULL GASP CAN BE QUITE FRIGHTENING To wines -,the problem is that often because of his weakened lung capacity. - it cannot accept the full in wars breath so some spills over into the stomach sac and can end up aggravating sickness

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Thank you for helping me make sense of it, I am not asthmatic myself so I don't always understand how my son feels. That would make total sense! :-)


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