Mucus/Phlegm- over production

Hi there- sorry for the title of this post but it is really why I am writing. I had my son 3 years ago and during pregnancy my otherwise mild and controlled asthmas became very bad. It manifested itself in an over production of mucus and phlegm which results in my coughing and coughing everyday and producing lots of phlegm. this got a little better once my baby was born but still on a daily basis I am coughing lots- but no wheeze or tightness just this over production of Mucus.

Is anyone else's asthma like this ?

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  • Oh yes! I produce tons of mucus daily (sorry). I produce so much I have to do daily physiotherapy to clear mucus from my lungs as otherwise I build up massive mucus plugs that have to be removed bronchoscopically. It's all terribly pleasant (sarcasm) so you're not alone.

    However, if you've had major changes in the pattern of your asthma you should talk to your GP about spirometry, lung function tests, allergy tests, etc to see what's changed and what can be done about it. Good luck :)

  • Thanku for replying to me- I'm new on here- always told my mild asthma for granted- worried now about COPD so glad to hear it can still be asthma- Doc is sending me for Chest X Ray and follow up app at asthma unit at local hospital


  • A chest X-ray sounds like a good place to start, glad your doc sounds on the ball :)

  • Mine is like this. Now been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. Take a mucolytic medication to thin the phlegm and going to get an appt. to see a physio regarding techniques to clear chest.

  • Hope it improves

  • My asthma came on like that. A cough with clear to white phlegm that's was very difficult to cough up. Think I had a bit of post nasal drip as well. Started on a steroid inhaler and antihistamines. A year later it's much better. Are you coming into contact with something your allergic with all the time?

  • Hi Kat

    Thanks so much for coming back to me :) I'm waiting on referral for X-ray and to hospital - I have a dog but had him long before my asthma turned this bad so hopefully get to bottom of it soon

    Many thanks


  • Sorry just to add even when I'm away from my dog in Ireland I still have these symptoms

  • Hate to say but I have a cat and have had him for 8 years. I have had allergy testing and I'm allergic to all hairy animals when my asthma got bad again last year the dr said it was a progression of my allergy and it wasn't uncommon to react more strongly to an allergy you've had before.

    I found the antihistamines really helped tbh though I had to take them for a few weeks before I noticed a difference. I think I had a lot of post nasal drip which made me cough aggravating my asthma. I had a chest X-ray at that time as well which was clear.

    Have you had allergy testing for dog?

    Just saw that when your away from your dog you feel well. When I was away from my cat at that time It didn't make a big difference. I think because of inflammation that was in my lungs. I was much sensitive to other triggers.

    To add I feel much better now. I take a preventer inhaler twice a day. Cat not allowed in my bedroom. I bought a hepa vacuum cleaner. I vacuum most days and my husband empties the Hoover for me. Feel like I've just about got on top of it. Hate that chronic cough. It was quite violent.

    Hope your feeling better soon.

  • Thanku so much

    When away from dog much the same but as you say lungs already aggravated will update you on how I get on. So glad to hear you managed to get on top of it all X

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