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How many people here are on Xolair? I've been on it for three years now and am due to be reviewed; I was told I wouldn't be on it for longer than three years as they don't yet know the long-term implications for its use. I'm really hoping they'll let me stay on it as I'm terrified of going back to the way I was before. Interested to hear other peoples' experiences.

(For those who might not know, Xolair - or Omalizumab - is an IgE inhibitor. It acts on the immune system in people with severe allergic asthma to suppress the immune system's wild over-reactions to allergens before they can begin. It's wildly expensive though, only licensed for use in hospitals and apparently increasingly difficult to get it prescribed because of cost.)

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I've been on the maximum dose of Xolair ( two injections in each arm every other week) for just over a year.

After a lifetime of severe asthma for over 40 years, and trying every drug on the market to include maintenance pred for many years, methotrexate, and the rest I can honestly say this biologic drug has been a life saver for me.

As my asthma is totally allergy driven Xolair is working very well. I just hope I can stay on it, but have to say I am worried about any long term problems although I have been reassured by the consultant.

I hope you can stay on it.


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