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Is yellow mucus/sputum normal for asthmatics?

My asthma/allergist doctor told me that yellow mucus is normal when our lungs are inflamed. Just wanted to get every ones opinion. Will a sputum test determine on all types bacteria if its present or have to be tested differently. Someone told me....certain bacteria test like ( MAC ) have to be tested differently than a regular sputum test.

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It might be normal for inflamed lungs/airways but not normal per se I don't think.

I don't know about the testing, but from your perspective I guess it's the same! In my experience though the point of a sputum sample is to see what grows, but I'm no expert at all on the pathology of it all. It may be they use a different strategy for growing it.

However a routine sample usually shows up the most common nasties.


Thanks for the reply...I have this posted on the british lung foundation too...if you want to read the reply's there....lots of good info.

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