Asthma not recovering with steroids

I'm on day 17 of 40mg prednisone having had a bad chest a couple of weeks ago. Ended up at ambulatory care at my local hospital last Monday when I was told to continue with my steroids for a further ten days, problem is my wheeze has gone but I still feel very breathless I was told that I don't have a chest infection and my lungs looked fine on my X-rays and it was asthma, I went back for a check on Wednesday and was told to go to A&E if Peak flow went to 220 or less. I'm due back at work tomorrow I'm a teaching assistant in a secondary school, hubby thinks I should give it a try and see how I get on I'm not sure I should just wondering what others think? Peak flow is around 280-300 usually when good its 450. I still don't feel 100%.

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  • Hi that down at moment and u still on 40mg steroids up to u but I know if it were me I wouldn't chance it I used to work as a teaching assistant had to give it up because of the bugs the kids used to have I worked with 9-10 year old I was always I'll doc told me wrong job . I hope u feel better soon I just come out of hospital after being in then out and then ended up going in a again I'm trying to stay out now I'm on 30mg at the moment go docs on phone dial they been good they have rung me to make sure I'm doing ok take care x

  • It wouldn't be so bad if I could actually get through to my doctors in the morning it took me an hour last week when I was feeling really poorly and they only put me in with the emergency nurse who had to get the docs to see me she then sent me to hospital I really don't know whether to give it a try tomorrow

  • I would b very careful if u do an with it being cold as well

  • Your peak flow seems to be down at 60-65% of normal, which is well into the 'don't ignore it' territory.

    Only you truly know how you feel but in a job that presumably involves a lot of energy & activity, I think you would have to at the very least explain to your manager/supervising teacher that you need to be placed on light duties & need to have the opportunity to rest. If that's not realistic, don't go.

    We've all struggled through those sort of days & it isn't worth it.

  • Hi, sorry your going through a bad time. If you are still feeling breathless please go back to your doctor. I have had severe asthma for years and often get breathless with no chest infection. My doctor puts me on a higher dose of steroids but it can take weeks to get back to work. If you feel that you can work with out any problems then go back to work but if you are out of breath just doing things at home it could be you just need a bit more time. Take care and i hope you feel well soon.

  • Thanks.. I usually improve within a couple of days of starting steroids just feeling a little scared I guess ..

  • I know it is scary and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. I think we all just need to know it is OK if things take longer to get back to normal. Good luck when you get back to work. Take care in this cold weather to .

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