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What are you all on?

I'm just interested, really.

I'm 17.

Fostair 100/6mcg, 3 puffs morning, 3 night (not really working so going back to doc next week).

Montelukast 10mg at night.

Atrovent 20mcg, 2 puffs before ice hockey (or indeed any exercise), or 2 puffs 3 times a day if I'm yellow-zoning.

Salamol 100mcg, 2 puffs if a bit tight or wheezy, otherwise move to

Ventolin 100mcg, 2-10 puffs through spacer, or 2-4 puffs 4 times a day if I'm in the yellow zone.


I don't have rescue Prednisolone for asthma, only for my latex allergy, because the nurses and doctors say that they really want to be seeing me if I need it, and if there isn't time to be seen by a doctor when I'm in need, then I should call 999 because it's an emergency. I have a respiratory consultant appointment and an immunology appointment both in late January next year.

So what are you all on?

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Hello servewithmintsauce my medication is totally different to yours I take q var ( beclometasone 100) two puffs morning and evening and serevent 2 puffs night and morning. I also have salbutamol if I need it.luckily I have not needed it for weeks.hope your hospital appointments go well. ♥♥♥


Hey, you're quite a regular on here :) it's interesting to know where you're coming from when you reply to things in terms of where your lungs are at :P

Thanks, I will keep you all posted :)


Flixotide 250 accuhaler, currently on 1 blister in the morning and 2 in the evening. In the summer that can go down to one blister morning and evening; in the winter it can go up to 2 blisters morning and evening. I also have ventolin to use as required. My asthma is kept well controlled with this regime and has been for years. The one time it did go out of control (about seven years ago as a result of a viral infection) I ended up on prednisolone.


Wow, you sound really well under control, that's brilliant! :D


I do also have medications for rhinitis: rinatec nasal spray and otrivine antistine eye drops - and I gather I'm the only patient at my local surgery who has the latter. The reason for it is that my eyes react to the preservative in most eye drops (my eyelids swell up if I use them for too many days in succession), so I have to have eye drops that I can use as and when required and which do not rely on regular usage to build up the effectiveness of the medication.


Yes, it is well controlled (with the occasional blip), but I have had it for over fifty years now and I do know my own particular version of this condition very well. Even better is the fact that the GPs at my local surgery treat me as an intelligent person who does understand her asthma and so will take any concerns I have seriously. Believe me, I have encountered doctors - though never at my current practice - who are not like that.


That's great! I've met people like that too; people who believe that because I'm not wheezing I'm not having an asthma attack. Luckily for me, not all doctors are like that, or I probably would be dead by now!


I'm on:

Symbicort 200/6 3 puffs twice a day

Qvar 100 3 puffs twice a day

Spiriva Respimat

Bricanyl reliever as required

Atrovent nebs twice a day*

Azithromycin daily

Septrin 3 times a week

Fexofenadine 180mg

Vitamin D


Uniphyllin 400mg twice a day

Avamys nasal spray

*currently 4 times a day after 3 hospital admissions since early Sept.

Also on salbutamol nebs regularly at moment too.

And it's still difficult to manage on all that!


Ahh I forgot my allergy meds:

- Benadryl Relief 1 tablet twice daily, 2-4 tablets as needed

- Prednisolone 40mg until swelling has subsided

- Avamys (that funky one!)

I also take Vitamin D 1000IU (25mcg) every day because I had a severe deficiency about 6 years ago.

I find my asthma difficult to control in that it starts off good but gets worse and worse and I step up or add on meds again, if that makes sense?

Like, a year ago, I was just on Ventolin as needed, then I went to Clenil 2 puffs twice a day, then Seretide 50/25 at Christmas. Then I got a cold and stepped up to 125/25 for two weeks but couldn't step back down (I tried three times; within 12-24 hours I was struggling) so stayed on that. Around May or they added Montelukast on. All this was interspersed with courses of antibiotics and Prednisolone, lasting longer each time (where they used to be 5-7 days, now they're more like 12-14 days), and frequent introduction of regular Ventolin. Ended up in hospital for a week in the summer holidays (minors-majors-resus-MA/OU-ward) and came out on fracking Symbicort 200/6, 4 inh., twice a day..switched that to Fostair last month because I didn't like Symbicort, and added on Atrovent inhaler..what next? *sigh*

Also, I'm CYPIID6 Ultrarapid so the majority of pharmaceutical antihistamines don't work on me; acrivastine is the only one I've found so far that does!


Hi! Latex allergies are a pain - although I have found them very useful if you ever need surgery as I have always gone first on the list!

Currently not taking anything - I'm still breastfeeding my youngest :) so my old lady tin of meds is currently gathering dust! Usually take whole host of stuff including montelukast, anti-histamines & steroids & nebs!

Sadly have to stop soon as she's 2 already so it'll be back on the lot!


Haha, bright sides I guess! I've always been able to make jokes and have a laugh even in severe pain..last time I had a reaction to latex, my hands swelled up so badly they were going blue and numb at the tips and it was painful and impossible to move them, but I still had a laugh with the ambulance crew. They say it's refreshing :P

Not criticising, just wondering..are you actually ok without your meds? Steroids aren't so bad for babies in the breast milk; very little gets through, especially of inhaled steroids, and I could have sworn research showed that the steroids might actually help lung maturity in growing foetuses and even in young babies..?

Just wondering :) I don't know what your doctors have said :P


Because my asthma is allergy induced steroids don't really do much for it anyway, plus I get a few side effects with them that its nice to get a break from. I am ok to come off them really slowly when pregnant as I carry on taking the anti-histamines but your right its not good for everyone or indeed recommended! Stopping bfing & going back on them is carefully managed to make sure they build up again before I need them!


Ahh I see :)

That's good then if it's carefully watched by your docs. I also heard that, during pregnancy, your body produces more corticosteroids naturally anyway so people often find their asthma is better when they're pregnant! Lucky women ;)

Which antihistamine(s) do you take?


Interestingly, my asthma did not improve dramatically, nor did it worsen during my two pregnancies, neither did my allergies. Of my two children, the elder didn't inherit the asthma (and apart from having a few years when he suffered from hayfever appears to have no allergies either), but my younger one did (and gets hayfever as well).

The most interesting thing, however, is what happened to my mother when she was pregnant with me. She had no allergy issues and no asthma (though she did suffer from migraines). She had three children only one of whom (me) developed asthma. When she was pregnant with me, however, she suffered from appalling hayfever (no such problems with her other two pregnancies). Once I was born, the hayfever vanished, and never returned.


That's weird :o I've never heard that one before!

Although don't take me as any kind of expert on this; being a guy, I'm not exactly well-versed in matters of pregnancy!


Hi I take

Salbutamol as needed normally Daily

Symbicort 400/12 2 puffs twice daily

Spiriva 1 puff daily

Montelukast 1 tablet daily

Carbocistine 2 tablets 3 times daily

Phyllocontin 1 tablet 2 times daily

Amoxicillan when needed


Spiriva is kind of like Atrovent, isn't it? :P


Hi serve

Yes spiriva is similar to atrovent but a longer acting version, I have found it very good and I also used to take atrovent.



Yeah, once a day or something, isn't it?


Ohh sorry no that's Vilanterol!

- Matt


Yes spiriva is taken once a day there are 2 versions handihaler and respimat I take respimat


I am on Fostair Nexthaler 100/6 two puffs in morning and two puffs at night. I do get side effects such as palpitations and shaky hands. I was taken off Seretide 100 which suited me. Not so sure about Fostair yet as only been on it for 6 weeks but I won't hesitate to go back if side effects don't settle. Very rarely take the blue inhaler.


Yeah, same here. They gave me Fostair (puffer form) off-licence, though, and my Seretide dose was a lot higher (I used Evohaler! I loved it!) but it's just not quite doing the job as well as Seretide did :(


And yes, you should always be prepared to go back and fight your corner. If you don't like a medicine, you'll be less likely to take it (even if, like me, you stick to your meds like glue) so your nurses or doctors will want to make sure you have something you'll use!


I'm usually on Flutiform 125/5 (BD). ive been quite well controlled on this for the best part of three years now. But due to a recent flare up I've been put onto the stronger 250/10 dosage twice (BD). Initially this is for three weeks and then it will be reviewed to see if I can step back down to 125/5, stay on this dose or move onto plan B.

I also have Avamys (once daily) and Bricanyl reliever (prn).

My main issue especially at the moment is nocturnal asthma.

I think you'll see from this post the varying severity of asthmatics here and also the many different treatment approaches and meds out there. Good luck with your hospital appointments.


Poor you, hope you get better soon! Flares suck :P

Yeah, I think that's why I'm so interested. Also, I was trying to explain to a friend the other day how asthma isn't just 'take your brown and your blue and you're done' but I didn't have many examples so I kind of just showed them a meds chart and said 'those are some of the meds and people take different combinations' haha!

My best friend is on Flutiform 125/5. I don't take well to dry-powder inhalers but on my dose, once you remove Seretide (noooo) and DPIs you aren't left with any combinations licensed for U18s. That doesn't always mean an absolute 'no', though; they've just been trialling me with Fostair, because in fairness they know that Beclomethasone is fine in U18s and they know that Formoterol is as well so it shouldn't be an issue.

I'm just sad I had to change from Seretide!


They are indeed and the yo mins always terrible too! Its very hard to get people to understand even those closest to you. I think this is why people underestimate the seriousness of our condition.

Flutiform is a PMDI and I though the 125/5 was licensed for over 12's and the 250/10 for over 18's. I say this a lot but flutiform doesn't appear to suit everyone but it's been a game changer for me! I was on clenil before. Flutiform is a fluticasone and formoterol combi, both fostair and seretide have different parts of it. Might be worth looking into the license though.

Bricanyl is a DPI, they aren't the nicest thing to take but unfortunately I had too many problems with ventolin/salbutamol (whichever you choose to call it! )


Yes, the 250/10 is only licensed for over-18s..but then again, so is the Fostair I'm currently on. It's not that I don't like the Fostair, despite my initial reservations, but it just isn't doing the right thing for me! I'm worried that the nurse will think I'm just trying to get what my friend has by saying that Fostair isn't working well enough but that's not the case. Besides, I knew about Flutiform long before my best friend got it! Alternatively, I might be able to have two separate inhalers. My compliance is excellent so I shouldn't have thought it would be an issue and they would be able to get a better combination like that.

I tried Bricanyl for a while but I couldn't work with it being a DPI; when I'm having an attack, it's hard enough to breathe air, let alone pull in the meds!!! I marvel at people for whom that is not the problem haha

If it's ok to ask, what's Plan B?


Do you mind me asking how long you've had asthma/been diagnosed? I'm just curious. I found mine changed the most between the ages of 18-20. I find it seems to be quite patterned if that makes sense.

Like we've said earlier everyone is so different, just keep on until you find the right combination etc for you. Def talk to your doctor as you've said next week. If fostair isn't working it's probably time to change.

It took me a long time to learn how to manage a dpi if I'm honest. I completely understand where you coming from. But I didn't really have a choice I had to be taken off the ventolin for safety reasons. I've been on it for 10+ years now.

That should of read "Plan B" as in quoting the doctor. I'd taken in way to much info in that appointment and tbh I didn't even ask what Plan B involved. I'm a bit of a worry about it when it happens person, but it it happens I'll be in touch, let you know.


Haha yes I find there's a lot to take in at some appointments, although I'm rather medically and scientifically minded (I want to do Biomed. at uni) so I don't necessarily have the problem some people have with lingo which probably makes it easier..?

I've been diagnosed formally for just over a year now, although when I was little I had a couple of really bad infections requiring Prednisolone and antibiotics and Ventolin, and I had a Ventolin inhaler to hand for a year before I was diagnosed. I've also had very dry and sensitive skin with mild eczema, as well as hayfever, Type IV Latex Allergy, and an allergy to milk when I was very little.

Sadly, while I grew out of the milk allergy, I grew into a Type I Latex Allergy (anaphylactic) so well done, immune system! XD

In short, allergies and eczema run down both sides of my family so I'm probably atopic and was always going to be predisposed to asthma as it was.

How about you?


Oh wow sounds great good career there!

I have the whole host to, definatley atopic but interestingly absolutely no FH !! Not all of my riggers are allergy based though, which is interesting also!

Diagnosed 18 years ago! So much has changed in that time.

You very much learn to be your own advocate after all the years and not to accept nothing but what works for you.


I've been swapped around that much lately I need to write it down to remember!

Symbicort 200/6 twice am & twice pm

Itraconazole twice am & twice pm

Ramipiril once am

Ventolin as required

Montelukast once at bedtime

Plus reasonably frequent courses of doxycycine & predinosolone.


Huh, that's quite a low dose of Symbicort for someone who needs Pred quite often..have you talked about upping it?


I'm in a bit of a transition phase with the asthma treatment at the moment. To cut a (very) long story short I have been seeing a consultant for over a year triggered by a constant cough & deterioration of my asthma. She has described what is going on in my lungs as "extremely complicated" so I'm being very compliant :D

One of their findings is that I have developed aspergillosis, probably not helped by poorly managed asthma as a child.

Anyhow, first of all she said that they wanted to focus on the aspergillosis as she thought that was a major asthma trigger for me & would in itself reduce many of the problems I was having (to be fair, it has). However because I have various lung scars & minor abnormalities I'm also prone to infections (similar to bronchiectasis) so she took me off Seretide on the grounds that it increases susceptibility to infection. Her view really has been to get the aspergillosis & other (pseudomonas, haemophillus, etc.) infections under control to give a clearer picture of the right asthma management strategy.

In the meantime I'm under instruction to get to the doc & get ABs etc. anytime I feel an infection coming on & they usually give me predinsolone as well if I seem tight chested.

To be fair, I feel as well as I have done in maybe 2 or 3 years at the moment. This time last year I was struggling really badly most of the time so I'm happy to go with the flow!


Ouch! That's bad! Sounds like you're getting better though?

Yeah I had someone rant at me the other day about how they can't get antibiotics for a cold but I always do..*sigh* I think it may have escaped their notice that infection stake hold really quickly in me!!


Yes there aren't many advantages to lung trouble but I guess the free flu jab & ability to get antibiotics fractionally easier probably count!

Anyway yes I do feel much better than I did thank you. I can keep up with people when out walking & although still coughing a fair bit it's far better than it was.


I'm only on seretide 250/25 2 puffs twice a day and ventolin as and when needed.

I consider myself now to be pretty well controlled, apart from exercise i've hardly needed my ventolin recently.

For most of last year i had poor control, i was using qvar 100 twice a day but was also using ventolin regularly, at least once usually more every day. When i went for my review in october the nurse started trying me on different medications - she put me on fostair which did nothing and then tried seretide which i have decided is my miracle med - i can now run and not suffer for 3 days afterwards!!!


So lucky to still be on Seretide! I was going to go on Seretide 250/25 but nowhere is stocking it anymore and my nurses and docs can't prescribe it :(


:-o :-o

I've only just found something that i think truly works, i want to stay on it!!!

I once did get given Sirdupla by the pharmacy cos my prescription just says fluticasone / salmeterol and that's the same drugs as seretide. I didn't notice any difference in my breathing while i had the sirdupla so maybe sirdupla is the cheaper version and that's what will get stocked instead


I also take

prednisolone - when needed

omeprazole - for reflux

Loratadine - for allergies

I also have small airways disease


atm (it changes all the time lol) I am on:

Seretide 500 2 puffs twice a day

Montelukast - 1 tab a day at night

Cetirizine 1 tab per day for allergies

Spiriva - 2 puffs per day (just been put on this)

Salbutamol inhaler - when needed

Salbutamol nebules - when needed though taken at least once or twice a day)

Prednisolone frequently though used to take 5mg per day

Omeprazole - one tab per day (for GORD apparently)

though may change next time I see my consultant as I just saw my asthma nurse and she said I may have to take other meds ughhh


Hi there. Have loved reading through this feed. Everyone is on so many different meds. I have severe allergic asthma due to disfunctional immune system, bronchiectasis, adrenal insufficiency & bone deterioration due to long term high dose steroid use. My meds. are-

*seretide 500 2 puffs twice a day

*ventolin (salbutamol) inhaler & nebuliser as needed.

*phyllocontin 1 tablet twice a day

*Zafirlukast 20mg twice day

*fexofenadine 180mg

* lansoprazole 15mg

* citirizine 10th

* calcichew twice daily

* solpadol as needed

* iron tablets as needed

* prednisalone varying amounts but am steroid dependent now.

* xolair treatment every four weeks

* epi pen carried at all time with a portable neb.

* standby augmentin antibiotics for chest infections.

Hope everyone is enjoying the lack of winter so far in England. Prepare for January it's supposed to be really icky ☺ xx


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