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A Bit Scared

Following recent kidney stone episode i got an appointment for further investigation. I Thought it was strange cos it was apparently a tiny stone and as pain went I assumed it had been passed. Anyway to cut a long story short I had the bladder investigation yesterday and was immediately sent up to the pre op assessment unit to start plans for further investigations and a biopsy. Now waiting for a date for it to be done. I'm worried of course about the possibility of results not being good. But also I'm terrified of the anaesthetic. Having the airways problems I have coupled with asthma I have always been told anaesthetic is a bad option for me. Im speaking to the anaesthetist tomorrow. So I'll see what they say.

But - my anxiety levels have shot through the roof. So many what if's going through my head.

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Hi Kimmy I to am a lifelong asmatic who also only just a few weeks ago had to have a big operation mine was on my lung and I was under general anistic and have been Meny times due to bad health. When I had my first operation I had all those what if's your talking about it's only natural to have them but there jobs is to find out if it's better for you to be under local (awake but feel nothing) or general (asleep) with me general is better as I have other health issues and a fear of needles but for you it could be local and with most operations today there done using local and keyhole which is the safest and fastest in regards to hospital stay but the main job of the antithesis is to look after you and make sure you are as good or better as when you go in he or she will have a really long talk with you about your health and worries and make sure you feel ok about everything look in on you after and sometimes in a few days depending if you have a long or short stay but if you go on me you will be fine and I've been under general twice this year alone two operations this year and I'm still ok with the asthma trust me it's just nerves and I wouldn't blaim you but I've been there and it's fine be strong and good luck.


Thank you for your reassurance. Your very kind .

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The anaesthetist will do what is right for you. Hope your conversation with them has helped.

Love and hugs




Thank you x


Hope talking to anaesthnatist helped. Good luck!


Thanks. Yes it did - I feel a lot happier with going under now. Just wish the date would arrive and get it over with. Worrying times. x


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