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grumpy lungs

hoping my lungs sort themselves out soon they have now been up and down for a year.

i am a life long asthmatic have had many tests in the last year to find out what is causing it come back with several allergies, nasal polyps, dysfunctional breathing and low igg ( immunty to pnemonia) i had a pnemonia vacine and flu jab last week and am now unwell again with my lungs went to the doctors on wednesday think i frightened the locum i saw as i was very wheeze and tight ( i always wheeze) but not as much usually when im this bad pred will soft me out i told them this and i also told the doctor when she spoke to me about a and e i did not feel i was bad enough yet.

im now on 40mg pred and 4 hourly nebs for the next few days then reducing the pred in addition to flutiform 250 two puffs 3 times a day back at the brompton in two weeks so hopefully they will be able to sort me out properly.

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Oh dear Emmaleigh so sorry you are having such a tough time. My meds are different to yours so cannot offer any help but just my very best wishes that you start to feel better soon gentle hugs on their way ♥♥♥

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I can never understand why they wait until things get worse. We know where we are headed when we get infections don't we? I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.l

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I do hope you start to improve soon.

Take great care of yourself.

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Hi tHanks for the replies and well wishes

i am feeling a lot better today the peak flow has increased and not had such a dramatic drop tonight i tend to have a lot of diaurnal change.

im just suffering the effects of too much pred and salbutamol pred turns be into an insomniac as it causing me to be hyper active on a high dose and the salbutamol causes lots of muscle cramps but at least i can breath easier.

I am currently on a medical trial to reduce the number of flare ups i have and hopefully gain better control over my asthma with is often quite unpredictable and limits my activities i have recently gone part time in my job and would love to be fitter i go to the gym as much as i can but this suffers when my lungs are miss behaving i worry as i am quite overweight and feel like its a constant battle in april this year i was the biggest i have ever been due to a bad winter i spent 5 months on various amounts of pred. my face mooned i look like my normal self again now and have managed to lose the weight gained last year. i decided to join this trial to try and avoid the need for pred and stay well but its not been completly successful so i feel disappointed I supose I still dont know if I have the real treatment or the placebo I can only hope and hope I'll have a better winter this year

take care everyone and ill try and sleep.


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