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Get fit, healthy & raise money

Hi all, I have had asthma since I was a child I'm 35 now. I'm overweight and have decided I want to get fit and healthy, and in the process help raise money for asthma uk. I'm going to start the couch to 5k program and build up from there. I tried this program last year but got disheartened when I wasn't progressing as quickly as the guide was. I've since read that asthmatics will normally take double the time that a non asthmatic would in a journey like this.

So my questions are has anyone ever tried this kind of thing? How did you get on? And any other runners out there with any advice would be great?. My town do a free park run every week of 5k so I'm hoping to be able to do this with my partner soon.



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There is a really good C25K forum on health unlocked and there are other asthma suffers there who run. I run when I can but still do run/walk intervals which is fine. some advice from my experience with running.

Always warm up for at least 5 minutes before you run and you may need to take some ventolin before you start and always have it with you.

Use something like a scarf or a buff when the weather is cold

Pace yourself, start slowly and see how you get on, if you are starting to feel your lungs react then slow down.

People who have done the C25K programme take different lengths of time to do it so just see what works for you and only move on when you are ready. Most of all enjoy it!

Good Luck.


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Hi liz

Thanks for your advice Ill definitely get a scarf or buff for when it's cold. I've joined the c25k so I'll have a bit more of a look on there to. I did read somewhere to take ventolin 10 min before which I have never done, I will have it with me I always make sure my exercise leggings have a pocket for my inhaler I never go anywhere without it.

I really want to enjoy running

Thanks again

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You are welcome Nicola. Another thing I would add is that I found the step up in running time a bit too quick after the first 3 weeks of C25K as I am overweght but I run faster than I should! I found other run/walk programmes and settled on one that suits me. So that would be another option if you find you are not getting on with C25K.

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I've generally struggled to even run for a bus (asthma being the third reason behind lazines & lack of fitness), so I really wish you good luck with this!

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Hi Nicola,

Great to hear about your challenge! I am a broadcast journalism student in Leeds wishing to promote the seriousness that the rise in pollution has on asthmatics. I would be very interested to talk to you if you wouldn't mind popping me an email! me14mg@leeds.ac.uk

I feel it's a very important issue that needs to be tackled and you sound like you're passionate too! I look forward to hearing from you! Miranda.


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